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They remind me of the tan Tellman's that were big on SF back in the day http://www.styleforum.net/t/23581/polo-ralph-lauren-tellman-185-deal-or-no-deal/0_50
I found these shoes while browsing eBay today I'd be happy to have either one of these in my closet. Clean soles. That they are "vintage deadstock" makes them even more appealing. Each could probably be had for $200-300 in best offer Unfortunately, neither will fit me. So I'm making this thread as my good deed for the day Size...
pants fit is still dreadful, unfortunately. way too tight everywhere. I would not wear those to a business meeting or any sort of formal setting. jacket also seems mishapen, especially in the shoulders who is your tailor?
Not usually a fan of camelhair, but this butler fit is amazing
Brand dilution? There's nothing to dilute. Kors and CK suits are all bollocks. Even the "high end" CK Collection stuff is fused
calling all noodlers!!! @Claghorn @The Noodles @in stitches @TweedyProf @Academic2 @kulata @Monkeyface @Murlsquirl
thanks!yeah fabric on these is great. pity i can't make them work. i need a size 34
all sold
Is the mustache still going strong cleav?
Who made the suit? Was this made by one of those Hong Kong or Shanghai 48-hour turnaround shops? You made a reference to a "first fitting" and a "second fitting," and posted pictures from each within two days of each other. True bespoke doesn't work that way. There wouldn't be enough hours in the day for a tailor to complete the work.
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