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What weight is the flannel cloth? I've heard of summer weight flannel but it's supposed to be very very lightweight stuff. I'm kind of skeptical of a summer flannel. I wouldn't want a warm fuzzy cloth in the summer that absorbs moisture. I'd want a dry open weave like a fresco
Huh? A flannel weight in the summer? What weight was it?
@The Noodles those grey fresco formosas are the bomb. You need a summer weight suit. Close to the same shade as that craig pic too...
You are so neurotic. I say that in the best possible way.
Then buy the damn suit already, Noodles!!!!!!
Ur buying a Tom Ford suit next? Or are you referencing the worsted grey fabric?
I think the boat on Murl's flannel has sailed. Didn't someone buy it?
@The Noodles I feel like you could use a birdseye in charcoal Or maybe a fresco charcoal or grey or navy What's your next soot purchase?
@Murlsquirl has it right. That blue window Formosa is awesome. @The Noodles have u been getting compliments are your Formosas? Do people appreciate the wide lapels and Neapolitan style? Or is it lost on them?
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