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Drop last call at $379
Drop. Last call at $725
Srs, I thought you were meeting up at B&T with @Claghorn...
No B&T fitting????
They also carry Samsung Galaxy suits, but they are fugly
It's a national chain of suit stores. They carry many decent brands at reasonable prices. Their Sartoria Formosa suits are an especially good deal at $100
Tell them it's from Mens Warehouse...
Will somebody buy me this Vass? kthanx bai
Up for sale is a set of three, incredible Mastai Ferretti shirts. Size 16/41. Staple blue royal oxford cloth with medium spread collars. All the shirts are in excellent condition. Each has been worn about two times and were very well cared for. I just had them laundered and professionally pressed. Mastai Ferretti shirts are made by the SAITT group, which also makes Truzzi shirts. The fabrics are extremely high quality (comparable to Truzzi). Very well constructed...
Can u get me a free Formosa? I'd even settle for a Vass...
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