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purpose: to provide recs based on gaps in your collection
Can we get a group shot of your tie collection noodles?
Minnis makes cav twills too I think Dugdale too
@The Noodles if we're talking blue-brown striped grenadines, i like this one from shibumi a lot more that vanda is too busy. it has a lot of lines on it http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Ties/7-Fold-Wool-Silk-Grenadine-Tie-Navy-Brown-Striped-Handrolled::357.html
^ Don't care for either of those
Oh, got one! I have two pairs of Howard Yount pants coming in Italian-made fresco. Will be interesting to see how they differ from the Minnis stuff
What about "new" tailors? I'd like to see reviews on finished stuff from Paone and Corcos
Are cloth reviews allowed?
Ahem, I was waiting for that tag I don't know that I have anything truly "new" to review. My RTW wardrobe is full of good stuff SF already knows about: Suits/Jackets/Coats/Pants: Zegna, Corneliani, Corneliani for PRL, Partenopea, Caruso, Canali, Belvest Howard Yount Shirts: Barba, Mastai Ferretti, Kamakura Some stuff I'd be interested in seeing reviewed: -Viola Milano ties -Chipp's new ancient madder ties
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