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how the hell are these still here? amazing
Buying and Selling forum http://www.styleforum.net/t/374077/the-best-of-b-s-someone-should-buy-this/1750_50
is that the Noodle Suit?
@Nikola, I consider a lowball to be anything under 10-15% of the market price of the item. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-ball Best source of market price = eBay. Try to find an item in the same condition(NWT, etc.) by the same maker in a similar size/color/fabric Obviously, if it's a staple item in navy or grey or something, you'll have less leverage to negotiate with the seller on price. It will be an item that many people want.
Some great stuff here
Damn this is gorgeous. Best of B&S!! Someone should grab this @razl
Lets talk blue and grey stripe ties Found a bunch on Viola Milano Block stripes http://www.violamilano.com/product/blue-stripe-grenadine/ http://www.violamilano.com/product/classic-silk-stripe-navyblue/ http://www.violamilano.com/product/classic-silk-stripe-navysea/ http://www.violamilano.com/product/navyblue-stripe-grenadine/ Bar stripes http://www.violamilano.com/product/grey-stripe-grenadine/ http://www.violamilano.com/product/navyblue-stripe-grenadine-2/
why did you do it as a 3-roll-2.25? dont like the lapel roll, but that's a stylistic preference
^ Whipcord can come in cotton variety
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