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@Ds13 I don't like either of those red ties. Too shiny The patterns on those yellow ties are too busy. And I dislike yellow ties in general The brown are the best of the bunch. I prefer the first one slightly because it's a simpler design. The 2nd one seems to have some kind of raised pattern texture that I dislike
Any Noodler's here a size 34 pants?
DROP TO $85.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 26: LAST CALL BEFORE I DONATE TO CHARITY AND GET A TAX DEDUCTION. Dropped price of HY cords to $49 $45 $35! Up for sale is three two one pairs of slim fit cord pants from Howard Yount. All are size 34. The Howard Yount pants have each been worn once. Excellent condition. The brown Polo pants are new-with-tags. The Howard Yount pants are made in Brooklyn, NY by Hertling. These are the USA cut. Flat front. Very high quality construction and fabrics. They...
i got the same thing
Rogue ad@LA Guy [[SPOILER]]
Pics or GTFO. Seriously.
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