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The shoes here all fit my feet similar despite the numbers. Sizing across brands and US vs UK varies tremendously-9G UK for the C&J captoe-10D US for the Marlow (it broke in decently, though I get a blister in the little toe area if I wear it too many days in a row)-10.5D US for the Rancourt (it's meant to fit short and stubby compared to a dress shoe)-10.5 US for the Adidas
Really? Because ur profile says 8.5 UK...
What size C&J are you Noodles?
My intuition for judging sleekness is to first look down at the last from a bird's eye view. You can distinguish which have a more aggressive shape at the toebox.In the picture I put up, I think that we could all agree that the brown captoe is the sleekest, followed by the Marlow, then the Rancourt ranger moc, then the Samba
well, it's more of a judgment call, which makes this minor argument more interesting this argument stemmed from one of stitchy's SWD fits. he consider the marlow to be more SWD than MC, and I totally disagree there
You guys are right, why can't these massive movie production companies just forget about their IP and bottom line and just play nice?
Marlow is MUCH nicer last than the AE Macalister or Macneil (the two closet shoes they offer)Also, much nicer than the Alden equivalent. Just has great lines, can't explain it if you haven't handled the shoe
It sounds like a very well thought out business decision to me... why give Fox the free publicity and also damage Marvel's branding?
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