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+1 to comrade it depends on the person's shoulders bone.
Up for sale is an incredible Samuelsohn sportcoat in size 38S. Follow the eBay link for detailed information, measurements and pictures. You can make a purchase through the eBay website or directly from me through Paypal. eBay auction and link: coming soon I have excellent feedback here I will ship to the rest of the world at cost. Please add $15 for shipping to the rest of the world (countries that are not the US or Canada). As is implied with all SF classified...
noice how many hours did each of those take?
Please explain why you're laughing... A white shirt is not ideal to wear with: -Odd jackets -Definitely not tweed jackets -Odd trousers and no jacket -Denim Pretty much all it's good for is to wear with a suit for a "trad" button down collar look I own exactly two solid white shirts: a tuxedo shirt and a white broadcloth.
guys i dont want japanese shoes im talking about MANNINAS!
OK getting this thread back on track Thoughts on these shoos? Mannina in Florence Might get a pair once I find out sizing/last info I don't own a single pair of Italian shoes. Usually don't like the lasts they use or the overly-patinated leather. (Example: Bontoni, Santoni) These are more tastefully done, IMO. Nicer...
saint c's
dat mac tho...
it was an "in" joke from the vid on korean history that was posted google "korean history channel" on youtube the guys keep asking japan to apologize for its past dinosaur war crimes on Korea
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