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Tan RLBL cardigan sold 7 sweaters remaining
Styleforvm History According to : 2002-2003: Mass exodus from GQ forums. Not much is known about this period. 2004-2007: The Ancien Regime. and other "Better Dressed People" join the forum. 2008-2011: The Salad Days of vBulletin system. 2011: The Era of Turmoil; Switchover to Huddler system. 2012-2013: The Age of the Noodler; "Poorly Dressed People" join the forum @The Noodles 2014: The Epoch of the "Grad" (like a higher form of Noodler)
This thread has good, genuine intentions for learning. Let's keep it free of snark from the Ancien Regime (pre-2007 members).
Like the ones that wear pleated flannel pants with their long sleeve tshirts on hikes through the woods?
Does 0.5% cashmere count?
Hickey went down hill a long time ago. Are those made in USA or somewhere in Asia? I think the new ones are made in Vietnam or Malaysia
the christmas colored one?
Looks like they're down to two choices for Luke Cage http://www.superherohype.com/news/322553-four-actresses-up-for-marvels-jessica-jones-two-actors-up-for-luke-cage
Does 1% cashmere count?
I want a midnight tuxCesare Attolini
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