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you bought more zegnas? i thought u sold at least one of the rlbls?
noodles what have u been wearing to work? is your closet just one ill fitting RLBL now?
I have an ancient thirst for these silks. Crisp petals indeed
How large is Cappelli's collection of Holliday & Brown prints? Teh H&B ties are my favorite
Are these Printed by hand Or Teh ink jette?
I really like option 1 The combination Of teh Blue and teal shades Is very nice I have not Seen that combo Anywhere else
Who the fuck is Kira? What is going on? I leave the thread for a few days and...
Carlo Franco
how many have u won? like a gazillion?
^ True. It only really works with grey, brown, tan. Grey and brown are more of fall colors, best with heavier weight fabrics. Tan could work for warm weather, but that would be a limited pallette. If you or clags are hosting a challenge this fall, could u do that one?
New Posts  All Forums: