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You're really 5'10?You look about 6'5 there. How much do you weigh?
Put some damn shoes on! (nice suit)
WTF? Really?Now super glad I kopped mine. It will last forever.I think @dieworkwear and this thread are mainly responsible for spiking prices/increasing demand
Two excellent recent fits @Cleav @sebastian mcfox
These celebrity finds were cool too Calvin Klein's bespoke Caraceni suit: http://www.styleforum.net/messages/messages/view/id/2258363/box/1099097/query/a2xlaW4, Will Smith's Tom Ford suit: http://www.styleforum.net/t/374588/vote-now-the-official-2014-thrift-thread-find-of-the-year-cheapies-hof/0_50 @Spoopoker, are there any others like this?
^ Not quite "grail," but very cool nonetheless
^ Looks like the same issue I had with the uneven folds...
lol, doubt the NYC store has anywhere close to 1300 shoes in stock at any one time...
The colors on that orange floral neat tie remind me of a 1970s couch... [[SPOILER]]
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