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Receipt on the Polos. Whoever buys these is getting a deal. ebay:
ysl stripe sold
Price drops on remaining ties Also added some more from YSL and PRL
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 16: Dropped price to $59 $55 shipped CONUS Up for sale is a new-without-tags tie from Ralph Lauren Purple Label. NEVER worn. Selling as part of my closet cleaning because I own too many black ties RLPL needs little introduction here. Excellent quality stuff. 58 x 3.6 inches This tie is about as "grail" at it gets. Black with white pinots. 100% silk. Handmade in Italy. Goes with just about everything I paid about $70 shipped or so for it if memory...
they say no good deed goes unpunished...
@Reosymes, I was also given a vote of confidence by @GMMcL yesterday, who has more street cred than you in this thread. (If you're going to criticize me for not participating in this thread regularly)
Thanks for the vote of confidence, @txwoodworker. Emphasis added
@Reosymes @double00, why are the below users able to post "Available" freely? I'm sure I could find hundreds of other examples from this thread.My items also came from eThrifts (ebay, etc.) so what difference does it make if I've owned them for awhile and am now posting?
More ties from the thrift stores that is my closet AVAILABLE NWOT YSL Blue Stripes 100% silk, made in Italy, 59 x 3.3 inches NWT YSL Navy Pindots 100% silk, made in Italy, 59 x 3.3 inches NWT Polo Ralph Lauren (got this one from eBay) 100% silk, made in Italy, 56 x 3.5 inches NWT Altea navy and white check (WEDDING TIE) 100% silk, made in Italy, 57.5 x 3.5 inches NWT Gant navy, blue, green, tan Prince of Wales check made in Italy,...
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