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placeholder Denim: Red Gingham: Red Kamakura: End on End: Solid Blue: Blue...
Looks like they're perpetuating the Passagio scamhttp://www.cardanoclub.it/shop/en/brand/passaggio-cravatte
drop to 989. taking a major hit now
Damn fine deal now that I've dropped it to $999. I'm really taking a hit on this one if it sells. Buy it before I change my mind about selling... Drakes had this grey herringbone tweed SC for sale earlier in the season, but it's sold out in size 40R. The Drakes jacket was much more expensive than this one at 895 sterling, and inferior to my jacket. Whereas my mint condition NSM jacket is handmade, the Drakes was machine made. Also can't beat the Neapolitan cut and...
Drop to 999!
both sold
Up for sale is an incredible Samuelsohn for JP Tilford suit. Size 40R. Charcoal worsted flannel fabric. As far as grey flannel suits go, this is as "Grail" as it gets at this price point. Made in Canada to the highest standards. JP Tilford Samuelsohn suits are identical quality to Samuelsohn mainline (full canvas construction). See this thread for comments from established members. The suit is in the slim "Justin" cut, which is similar to the sought-after Samuelsohn...
Shoulders: 18.4 Chest pit to pit: 22.15 Sleeve from seam to cuff: 25.25 Length: 29.35 Waist: 36 (with material to let out - see picture of pants seam below) Rise: 10.25 Inseam: 35 (unfinished and unhemmed) Length: 7.65 eBay link. Styleforum members get a 5% discount if you purchase direct from me. ...
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