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Cotton suits aren't bad per se, but a cotton suit to court?
I'm 100% it is TF. Brady has been mentioned to wear TF stuff, and that shape of peal lapel + the Milanese buttonholes give it awayStill a bad fit
Discuss. I see an unusual mix of conservative and casual elements Conservative -Navy suit, black tie, white shirt -Peak lapels -White square Casual -Cotton cloth - very wrinkly for court, even an NFL court -That awful pick stitching everywhere on the lapels and pockets -Patch pockets
"nm": DWW :: "...":Vox
Is this the suit supply suit?Could be the way you're standing but something seems off with the jacket...
Why did they do a mix of single and double breasted? Makes it harder to discern the differences between the jackets
Alden crest logo is a straight lift of C&J! And on top of that, Alden calls itself "bootmakers"! Direct lift of Lobb!
I remember seeing this gold mortar and pestle signage in front of a pharmacy in North End in Boston Walgreens logo is a straight lift!!
Countless ripoffs from this sign... Tender Buttons in NYC
very generous indeed, sugar
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