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heh just a joak. i love noodlesive seen others come here for "sock checks"
You're correct on all counts. It's not so much that my monitor sucks, I just didn't click for big images for color confirmation. Bad judgement of first glanceStill don't like the red/brown/white combo.chorn and i have different tastes. we can be very blunt about each other's purchases, still respectfuldidn't you say you only like a handful of chorns ties? (7)I like 8 of them!!!! I'm not teh hater
wow. Really liking the shantungs and woolsMakers for all the tie? Inquiring minds want to know...
Can I get a sock check on "The Noodles"?
Why did u make a new account?
My thoughts of clags collection: -Bigi: Dislike that "septuple" stripe design. "Busy" -Yount: Like -PG: Dislike that electric blue shade -Yount: Dislike that red, black and white color scheme. Chicago Bulls -Drakes: Dislike, same as above -Yount: On the fence - not sure if I like those chunky triple stripes -Drakes: Ambivalent - not a light color tie guy -Drakes: Ambivalent - not a light color tie guy -Gitman: Dislike this one because the color scheme is too...
not a fran. guy pawned an ugly jacket off on you. not much love for amani here either, hence the lack of response
many years on its shoulders? i thirst for a tie like that
what are all the makers?we need maker deets!
One more thing I'd add to my original list: I don't like "bead" stripe ties.
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