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had a bad feeling about this happenning...
Who saw Dawn of Planet of the Apes? @Jr Mouse @RFX45? Just got back. Pretty damn good. Not really a spoiler since it was already addressed in the first movie: where's the Icarus? No post credits scene, unfortunately. Rumor is the next movie will be called "Planet of the Apes." Could be the third go-around for the astronaut story. (Heston, Wahlberg, now someone else??)
you posted that literally 1 second after me...uncanny timing
Is that shoulder slightly roped? I thought all the Formosas are shirt shouldered like far right
i can see... who'd you buy it from? it's a miracle! noodles finally has a 'mosa
How'd u get it???
U got a 40r formosa?!?!? How??? Mazel tov!!
Don't care for AE's personally. Crappy leather compared to C&J. And much derided "blobby" lasts are truly blobby compared to CJ
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