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50 pairs of custom Vass or C&J handgrade in G-widths... C&J only offers a handful of G-width shoes, but I really like their shoes
NAMOR do you have a fit pic of the Lincolnshire? Always wondered how it looks on a real foot The unconventional monkstrap design looked a little dorky in the stock photos
Needs some C8H18 + thermal energy
True size 40R tux sold True size 42R tux remains
I don't think these qualify under the OP
Mine would mostly be loafers and derbies in various leathers 1. Black stitchcap oxfords 2. Brown stitchcap or punchcap oxfords 3. Brown cordovan shortwings 4. Brown pebble shortwings 5. Burgundy cordovan shortwings 6. Chestnut punchcap derbies 7. Whiskey cordovan stitchcap single monks (something I have in my Vass queue) 8.Brown cordovan penny loafer 9. Burgundy cordovan penny loafer 10. Brown pebble penny loafers As nice as suede looks, I find it to be too high...
final drop 215
Final drop $215
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