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is that a man or woman? also, barf at that coat
Any new P2 stuff?!?!?!?!
Woah murl is a mod. when did this happen?
I'd go fresco, not tropical wool (which is softer and wrinkles easily)
Do you mean wool sportcoats? I don't know of many summer weight woolen cloths...Anyways, if I had to pick 10 pants, they might be something like this group:1. Mid-grey flannel2. Another flannel - maybe another grey or light brown3. Dark tan cav twill or whipcord4. Grey cav twill or whipcord5. Dark green cords6.Tan cords7. Grey fresco8. Tan fresco9. Darker khaki twill10. lighter khaki twill
@Fred G. Unn what are you considering? Nice altwiens by the way... the burgundy cousins to mine...
^ HATE that jacket. Screams suit @in stitches
Ridiculous that this hasn't been bought yet The nicest RTW wingtip (EG Sandringham) in the nicest, most unique shell color (navy) Seller bought it for $1800 is offering for $880. Worn ONCE What's going on guys? This really makes me lose faith in the B&S If it were a size bigger it would be mine http://www.styleforum.net/t/448329/2-12-drop-fs-edward-green-sandringham-in-navy-shell-cordovan/0_50
New Posts  All Forums: