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This is what happened to the Pink Cashmere Attolini Tie...
welp, I guess I'll have to do the usual listings
Moderators who are Noodlers: is it kosher to post ties up for trade? Doing a spring cleaning and there are a bunch on my trading block. I have a bunch of ties that I wanted to trade (barter) with Noodlers for other ties Want to make sure it's okay first. @in stitches I believe the Moral Squirrel is too @Murlsquirl
Tan bucks are nice
Carmina? C&J? Alden?
Looks like Polo found a new manufacturer in Italy. This is high quality stuff, but it isn't Corneliani. (At least judging by the garment tag) "Summer tweed" Wool-silk-linen iGent patch pockets + soft shoulder + 3-roll-2.
nmwa version http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/13750_50#post_7787251
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