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I won't spoil the one liner but it was good
Noodles, Tom Ford suits were mentioned in Captain America Civil War!
^ his name sounds like he's the child of Nazis who decided to name him after an American shoe company.
Reggs' main bone of contention about the stormtroopers is wrong too because you can clearly see a 7 foot assassin droid beating down the stormtroopers in the trailer in that clip. It's the one of the rebel team played by Alan tudyk
^ Have you seen a Star Wars movie ever? The Stormtroopers are not very threatening
I am noticing more and more that old members are posting these kinds of ties. Geometrics, large scale medallions. With funky colors, and sometimes sheens.Is this a symptom of people getting tired of the simple stuff? I like my boring ties
^ nice stripes from Pat, TweedyAm I crazy though if I don't care for a single one of the ties below? They are too "geometric" for me. I feel like sorts of tie silk patterns are the ones many members culled from their wardrobe if they joined around 2006-2010. They feel like holdovers from the 1990sI guess I've been conditioned to like simpler tie designs. Simpler Macclesfield patterns, dots, stripes, etc. None of those do it for me
^ Very nice From Pat?
Laughed at the comment about eBay menswear bookmarks. Do any of these writers lurk here? Wouldn't surprise me. Their discussion of Trad, Goth Ninja, and Sprezzatura archetypes is something that would have only appeared on StyFo as a few years ago. I think most girls would have scratched their heads about this stuff in 2010. They could have collided with all this stuff on Tumblr and Instagram. Funny how this stuff fans outward from SF. A testament to @LA Guy's hard work...
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