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@Harold falcon what's so great about Mad Max? All of the reviews are raves, but that trailer looks very meh. Goth people in the desert. Cars with spikes on them. Face paint. Masks. Explosions. Boring. I don't get it.
heh that pocket is a giveaway
Beautiful colors Complimenti Is that teh special run brown fresco?
heh, you like that fake 1978 Avengers trailer, @Harold falcon?
nice!do you think they could do a h-bone weave?
It's not just pilling that I don't like about the Moonbeam.It's also stretchier than tweed, and less "dry."I also ind that soft wools are more prone to wrinkling than tweed
^ not a fan of the tassels with a soot I think a loafer like this is better. EG Picadilly or Carmina The key is having a long vamp On the other hand, A stuby short vamp loafer like this is not going to work. I've seen people wear Sebago's like this with a worsted suit and it looks really bad
LOLNoodles has a bad habit of doing this. You're not the first to comment on it
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