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A13 and B12 for me A13 would be better if the pattern was printed diagonally Like this. I think Ed already made a tie like that though. Any chance of a re-run. Diagonal prints are almost always better than horizontal Vs.
There is excess cloth at the chest in that pic. Both in the back and the front have it. You can see ripples near where the sleeves meets the armholes.compare to this Zegna-made Tom Ford suit. Notice how the chest is cleaner
I don't see drape mentioned anywhere in the post you linked to... Anyways, drape is an excess fold of cloth that's tucked into the chest of some English and Italian suits. See the suits of Anderson and Sheppard, Rubinacci, Napoli Su Misura, Formosa, etc. It makes the wearer look more athletic, and also adds comfort and more range of motion (combined with the high armholes) See these...
j press sold 4 ties remain
all sold
Tan sold Zegna brown remains
I'd like to see this tackled
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