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Nomex shoes got you coveredhttp://www.summitracing.com/parts/sro-00127011n/overview/
Planes are dangerous too.Noodles should just walk.
u like any of them fabrics from the second group noodles?
@The Noodles, you should write to harrisons for free swatches. they send them quickinfo@harrisonsofedinburgh.com
huddersfield stuff minnis 0725 minnis 2543 hunt 34322 hunt 101015 hunt 105980 hunt 106104
any u like?
@The Noodles this is just from Harrison of Edinburgh... harrisons frontier harrisons oyster harrisons fine classics h lesser 9.5/10 oz smiths antiqua smiths gilt edge smiths siena smiths steadfast
ok noodles, just for you
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