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50 hookers 50 grams of blow
Today's Hober tie is.... ALL OF THEM!!!!!
One of my fave ties!!! Kopped for like $45 bucks NWTSeller I got it from on Fleabay had two of them! Linked to it in the Noodle thread at some point I think. Tried to get @othertravel or @Claghorn to buy it I thinkYou missed out!!!
@in stitcheshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP8kbK5Qa5g&t=0m21s
@PiCcolocV I recognize a few of those
shut the fuck up, donny stitchy
Too much work to come up with a list of 50. Types of shoes I would get:Oxfords (stitchcaps, punchcaps, medallion captoes, austerity brogues)Derbies (shortwings, punchcaps, stitchcaps, medallion captoes/Alt Wiens, U-throats, norwegians, London/Apron toes)Loafers (full strap pennies, "half" strap pennies, beefroll pennies, norwegian pennies, venetians)A single monk or twoA dubmunk or twoTypes I would not get:-Chukkas-Boots-Chelseas-Longwings ()-Saddle...
nope, hate that raggedy look.just an OCD thing.
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