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I said in my original post that I don't want a longwing, and that I want G-width.The Cheviot is a longwing that comes in standard width .
Amended my previous post. I confused "U-throat" with "U-Cap." I'd want a "U-Cap" derby in cordo. Like so (from Vass)
I wish to be associated with the words of the speaker above
A little light. Though from my experience, Minnis' swatch pictures are always washed-out. Hard to tell The windowpanes on that fabric are also thick. Would prefer something thinner Minnis also has these Broken barley/herringbone
Where can I find a herringbone tweed with a ground in this shade of olive green? Preferably with "cool" colored windowpanes. (Blue, Navy, Brown, Dark Green, not orange, yellow, or red)
When was the last time the PCAT saw the light of day? I think it's due for a defrosting...@SpooPoker
Anyone interested in a unique derby shoe in cordovan? Last 325 is pretty awesome. And if I could get it in a UK G-fitting as part of a MTO project, even better. The US D-width Marlow's give me painful blisters in the little toe area if I walk in them for too long. MTO models I can think of: SHORTWINGS 1). Burgundy cordovan shortwing on the 325 (Basically a burgundy Marlow) 2). Whiskey cordovan shortwing on the 325 U-CAPS (Guessing they can make a U-cap... here's one...
Why all the boots? No love for derbies?
So I put two coats of Saphir cordovan cream on my Marlow wingtips. This is the pair that often feels very dry in the vamp area. WOW! What a difference it made. Now quite well conditioned and glossy. I did this after doing a coat of Reno, then application of deer bone all around the leather. I'd suggest using the Saphir cordovan cream since it doesn't contain turpentine, which can stretch the fibers of the cordovan @NAMOR have you tried this on your Gianni boots?
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