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Wow now I think JW looks like a steaming turd... Trailer was terrible
No love for AMC?
Is it a French thing to knot your tie so large like in these pics?Can't stand those shiny yellow silk fabrics. They look like they came out of the Countess Mara or Brunello Piatelli bargain binThere really is no such thing as a good yellow tie IMO@in stitches
I think most new SF members come from the GQ/Details/Esquire/#menswear school of aestheticsI know when I first started my journey, I was definitely from that camp. And I remember a young Stitch who wore Z. Couture loafers everyday. Time lurking of the forum will get rid of that. And reading classic menswear text. Manton's book is a good place to start. Iso, why don't you pick that one up?
@RFX45 I was about to post thatMovie could be good. I like the premise
I don't think SF is anti black accessories by any means. I love black ties, as you can see in my previous post. They work in formal or casual contexts. Black ties get a lot of "thumbs" in WAYWN too I like black shoes in small doses. They really only with grey and black in conservative dress contexts. This seems to be forum wisdom too.
@patrickBOOTH This bathroom story tops yours in terms of weird.... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-arrested-bizarre-naked-rampage-boston-airport-n254186
New Posts  All Forums: