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What do you mean cardinal numbers? I guess they should be 1-10 instead of 0-10. decos are pretty darn sleek. let's say a scale from Samba to Deco then. 1-10. Stitchy places the Marlow at 1 then I'd still say around 5
^ I'm talking about shape of the last, What shoe would you put at number 10? The Samba is a 0 to me. This Trickers is a 2 to me edit: this pic is better
@Jr Mouse
Why? The way Fox is handling F4 is bad for Marvel's line of businessMarvel is focused on creating quality, comic book faithful screen adapations. F4 is not doing that. Example: they're turning Doom into a "blogger"It all comes down to brand dilution. That's what Fox is doing with their shitty F4 movie. Marvel doesn't want to be associated with that crap.
I'm in a good natured argument with @in stitches, who contends that the Marlow WT would be somewhere between 0 and 2 on the "sleekness" scale. He puts it on par with the Adidas Samba.How would you all rate the Marlow's sleekness scale of 0 to 10, zero being the Samba and 10 being a Corthay ArcaI'd personally rank the Marlow at 5, 6 or 7
Honestly I'd put Snyder a few notches above Bret Ratner and Michael Bay... not saying much
Have you seen what they're doing with BvS? Have you ever seen a Snyder movie?It's not a DC vs. Marvel thing either. I loved the Nolan films. Snyder just sucks
Correction: BvS was originally scheduled to come out July 2015. Then Snyder decided he didn't want to go against AntMan, Minions and Terminator in July, so he pushed the movie back to May 2016. And possibly, AoU, since viewers might be fatigued of big superhero teamup movies by that point in July 2015So BvS was pushed back to May 2016, the same day as Cap3. Then BvS was pushed forward to March 2016 to get away from Cap3It's all a big game of chicken: ...
^ That's what happened with the original Lord of the Rings. They were shot back-to-back-to-back and it took forever for them to come out. In the case of BvS, I believe it was originally slated to come out summer 2015? Then WB slunked out and decided it didn't want to go against AoU and other films, so it shelved the movie through another summer season cycle
New Posts  All Forums: