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Should be fine. My tailor said 2.25 is enough for me, and I'm about a 40R. That's even with patch pockets.
It reminds me of the Blackwatch regimental. But it's sufficiently different from the Blackwatch tie so that you wouldn't step on the toes of ex-military guys in London. @Cleav @IchDien Differences: -Made from grenadine weave silk, not twill silk -Brown in place of burgundy -Direction of the stripes -Scale of the stripes
this tie is pretty cool thoughts? @Claghorn @in stitches http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/ties/striped-grenadine-wool-silk-tie-olive-chocolate-navy.html
I think @isshinryu101 is the vintage shoe expert here
Does anyone have pictures of Islay tweed up as a jacket? Something from the H range? http://eww.islaywoollenmill.co.uk/shop/tweeds/h-range/
Oh yeah I'm also doing an olive herringbone w/ windowpane shootout. About 10 tweeds Dugdale Minnis Islay
I know about it!Good doc series
So the new Howard Yount stuff went up....
Is this the medical profession equivalent of?
I don't "get" lobster. The texture and flavor aren't appealing to me. I guess some people say the same thing about tomatoes. I love tomatoes.
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