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whats wrong with the tie? you hate navy dot ties now in addition to loafers?
nothing wrong with loafers...
Saw this on a random tumblranyone done a completely unstructured fresco sc?french translation from google:
u at UT?
Up for sale are four pairs of Polo Ralph Lauren pants. All new-with-tags or new-without-tags. Size 34. Slim, flat front Preston" model. Made in Italy by Corneliani to very high standards. I prefer these pants to Incotex. Amazing construction. Selling these because I already have enough grey and brown pants. They've been hanging in my closet unworn for awhile. I had the length hemmed at 30.25 (uncuffed) and tapered to a 8.35 leg opening by a bespoke tailor. Very...
how much are pants from BNT?
el oh el
Will somebody buy me some $1250 Ambrosi pants? stitchy? noodles? justinkapur? pck1? kthnx bai
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