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Do any Noodlers here in the USA want to go in on a Drakes sale order with me? I only want to purchase one tie, but I still face a ridiculous $30 shipping fee for a 4 oz tie. Just pisses me off that they charge that much. The tie I want is $85 with the VAT discount, an okay price, but it goes up to $115 with the shipping... a lot for a non bespoke tie. (Cappelli price = $115ish) If I can get the order up to 200 sterling, I get free shipping. Then I could ship in USPS...
Drop to 975 Last call before I take this off the market. I'm having 2nd thoughts about keeping it with the big storm coming. Makes me think I should keep this guy
Really don't like that combo. Northern lights
On the roping, the question should not be "can it be done?" but "should it be done?" I would argue that it should not be done. It's going to cost at least $150. Maybe more from a truly excellent tailor that does bespoke as well as alterations. Think about all the stitches that will have be undone, padding that will have to be added, and then carefully stitching everything up again. Indochino suits sell for what, $450? Better spending that $150+ on a new suit with the...
^ Yes, there is 2 inches of material in the pants hem to let out. Also there is material in the sleeve to let out. I had the sleeves shortened.
looks like you're righti prefer the jacket material
The one suit I really liked was the tobacco linen suit when they got off the train in the desert. I'd like to know what cloth they used... Ridiculous how he only wore that on the way to Blofeld's secret base. Then IMMEDIATELY changed into a dark blue or charcoal suit. I thought that was a funny quirk in the movie.
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