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The p2p is 41. Noodles needs at least a 43 inch (21.5 doubled) chest.You can see in the picture the jacket is way too tight
i asked if you were ordering another one from nmwa?
U didn't answer abou the formosa...
I wish to be associated with the words of the speaker below
Sell. It doesn't fit you. At all. Measurements you took are proof. You could continue wearing it to work as MF suggests, but it still doesn't fit you.
did u preorder a new formosa?
Will someone buy me these watches? Noodles?
Let's remember that all I said was that I don't like navy windowpane SCs.In regards to some of your observations:-I like dark odd jackets, i.e. solid navy blazers (I actually prefer SC's with ground colors that are "darker" than the pants)-Most of my jackets are woolen, but there are some worsted tweeds that I like. Also, some of my blazers are worsted, but woven in casual weaves-I like earthy colored suits. (Though not that particular shade of greyish-pink) I just don't...
i see the dart nowsuit looks kind of big? looks more like you lost weight
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