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Up for sale is an incredible brand-new-without-tags tie from Breuer. NEVER worn Breuer needs little introduction here. One of the best tie makers in the world. Made by hand in France As far as "Blackwatch" plaid ties goes, this is as grail as it gets. The cloth is a rich, thick wool with horizontal ribbing. Great texture on this fabric. 3 fold. The colors are navy, black, and green. Can easily be worn with odd jackets or suits during the colder months. Goes with...
price drop to $104.99
How many episodes have you watched?
That's beside the point. It does not fit his personality or subject matter of the show. Do you watch it regularly?
Speaking of Tom Ford, noticed that Jon Oliver seemed to be wearing a TF suit in the latest episode. Look at the shoulders, peak lapels, and diagonal hole on the lapel Strange choice to be wearing a decadant $4k suit when he has many populist rants
Up for sale is a new-without-tags tie from Sam Hober. NEVER worn. Selling as part of my closet cleaning because I own too many navy ties Sam Hober needs little introduction here. Excellent quality stuff. 58.5 x 3.35 inches It's made from grenadine grossa silk. Navy with red stripes. Works well with suits and sportcoats. Very versatile. Same ties as here:...
Up for sale is an incredible brand new without tags tie from E.G. Cappelli Napoli. Comes in the original plastic sleeve Cappelli needs little introduction here. One of the best tie makers in the world. This tie is about as grail at it gets. Navy with red stripe regimental silk. 3 fold. Same tie as the one here: http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_30&products_id=1093 Great width on this one. 3.35 is my favorite width. Not too slim, not too...
Does anyone in the USA want to go in on a Drakes sale order with me? I only want to purchase one tie, but I still face a ridiculous $30 shipping fee for a 4 oz tie. Just pisses me off that they charge that much. The tie I want is $85 with the VAT discount, an okay price, but it goes up to $115 with the shipping... a lot for a non bespoke tie. (Cappelli price = $115ish) If I can get the order up to 200 sterling, I get free shipping. Then I could ship in USPS Priority...
New Posts  All Forums: