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Are you going to BNT?
Why;d you delete the pics? I was just about to comment... Yes to all the stripes. Yes to to the one blue gingham. Yes to the tattersall
Noodles are u in Korea?
well done @ridethecliche
Just added 11 staple suits, sportcoats and topcoats from Canali mainline, Corneliani mainline, Corneliani for Polo Ralph Lauren, and Brunello Cucinelli Sizes 38R, 40S, 40R, 42R, 44R, 46R, 46L and 48R Something for everyone SIZE 38R NWT ~$2200 Corneliani Mainline Suit █ Solid Grey "FRESCO" WOOL, True Size 38R http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-2200-Corneliani-Mainline-Suit-Solid-Grey-FRESCO-WOOL-True-Size-38R-/321716949515?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT NWT Polo Ralph...
Size 38R is now sold out. Added one of these same model suits in size 46R
Very similar to the beige Harris tweed sportcoat that No Man Walks Alone carried for $1145 last season... same half canvas construction but lighter on the wallet and better for the upcoming warm weather http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/harris-tweed-beige-herringbone-sport-coat.html
Bad @StyleforumRobot "Tilting at windmills" comments aside, don't give a soapbox to this guy.
Up for sale is an incredible Polo Ralph Lauren sportcoat in size 38R. Made in Italy with half canvas construction. Classic tan herringbone. "Summer tweed" cloth (slubby wool/linen/silk blend) Follow the eBay link for detailed information, measurements and pictures. You can make a purchase through the eBay website or directly from me through Paypal. Styleforum members get a 5% discount if you make your purchase directly through Paypal, which is the method of payment that...
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