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jungalo, yeah i dont like the cut of that coat nice fabric
nice maker?
@Claghorn check this out
+1 listen to stichala For a SC, I think windowpane can work very well on a rough textured green or brown tweed. This is due to the casualness of the earthy colors. But due to the combination of the vertical lines and navy color, a blue windowpane SC will draw the association of a suit. Something about the navy color + lines just communicates "suit" to me. It's like a wide pinstripe with horizontal lines added. Looks very "banker" (navy pinstripe)
Crockett and Jones or Equus
@tchoy are those flannel pants charcoal?Charcoal pants are very un-iGent, but I like them, Especially here.
thanks, hadn't noticed there was anew section
where did teh old passagio thread get archived to?
Corneliani for PRL suits are going to be ancient history soon. New Hickey suits are not being well-received by reviewers Jump on this Corneliani one while you can http://www.styleforum.net/t/390353/polo-ralph-lauren-suiting-are-now-made-by-hickey-freeman/0_50#post_7123552
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