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Funky grens started in the iGent and #menswear spheres with Hobers striped ties.It all snowballed from there
Well, that's the end of all talk of a "late career breakout season" from Cutler... 3 ints!
You'd get a much better response if you posted all the shoes in one thread... how are people supposed to keep track of each of the 7 threads?
The press has been predicting shootouts between those two teams since Cutler came over from Denver. None have materialized, until now.
CHI-GB game is a shootout...
So I've had two pairs of RRL officer pants sitting in my closet for the longest time. One in the selvedge chino and one in the jaspe covert wool. They fit weird though. Stitchy are people in SWD still crazy for the RRL officer chinos? @NAMOR ?
@Cleav I think the Benson+Clegg and Ben Silver ties vary a little in scale, but they're basically the same design
Semi-solid. Tonal herringbone
beautiful stuff here. a rare edmorel thread
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