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I think most new SF members come from the GQ/Details/Esquire/#menswear school of aestheticsI know when I first started my journey, I was definitely from that camp. And I remember a young Stitch who wore Z. Couture loafers everyday. Time lurking of the forum will get rid of that. And reading classic menswear text. Manton's book is a good place to start. Iso, why don't you pick that one up?
@RFX45 I was about to post thatMovie could be good. I like the premise
I don't think SF is anti black accessories by any means. I love black ties, as you can see in my previous post. They work in formal or casual contexts. Black ties get a lot of "thumbs" in WAYWN too I like black shoes in small doses. They really only with grey and black in conservative dress contexts. This seems to be forum wisdom too.
@patrickBOOTH This bathroom story tops yours in terms of weird.... http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man-arrested-bizarre-naked-rampage-boston-airport-n254186
@kulata nice!
Started reading the crazy white-haired guy's blog Apparently, green ties are one of the "FIVE SURPRISING SUIT UPGRADES FOR 2015" http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/10/03/five-smart-suit-upgrades-for-2015/ @Claghorn @in stitches
Would mostly be navy and grey suits. Black shoes are something I try to avoid in all contexts outside of "CBD", so I'm not on the lookout for these
@Monkeyface, that's a nice jacket, but it is effectively as easy to match as any navy or blue jacket. @heldentenor has a similar blue gunclub jacket Maybe I'll make a special section for navy patterned jackets...
x post from Noodle thread Is anyone here a 36R or 37R? I found an amazing lot of 4 vintage NWT suits on fleabay that I'd like a noodler to pick up. (Rather than posting it forum-wide) PM me for details. You're gonna want to see this one
New Posts  All Forums: