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It's Corneliani for Polo made in Eyetaly! It's like Suit Supply (half canvas) with better fabrics. And high armholes like RLBL: http://www.styleforum.net/t/94886/ralph-lauren-lines-and-who-makes-what-a-definitive-guide/0_50The dimensions are dead-on for you too. I wear a lot of Corneliani, Corneliani for Polo, and Zegna Milano. They fit very similarly.But I digress...
I thought you're selling it?also sent u a PM @Rudals
Can someone confirm that the middle shoe in brown pebble is on the P2 last? Left shoe is P2 from No Man Walks Alone.
what about dainite?
This happens on all my C&J shoes... is there something unique to Vass shoes construction that prevents the footbed from molding to a foot?
This is not a UK-specific phenomenon. In the US too, people are moving back to the cities from suburbia, sending rents to the stratosphere.
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