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WHY. HAVEN'T. THESE. SOLD???? These are seriously the single most badass pair of shoes I've ever seen posted on the forum If they fit me, I'd seriously be gathering $900 to buy these
The more precise term would be "Outer Borough"
i like the hyperspace/warp speed looking one
This is a nicer version of Vox's cloth in the picture below Vox does not have the custom run shetland. I think it's something else like a lambswool
KILLER stuff All of these would make awesome rustic SC's... This is the best game in town for tweeds. Jerry is offering all this stuff at half the price he paid! A steal. Those 2.5 m Hardy Alsport and Hardy Flannel bolts easily retailed for $300+ EACH
GORGEOUS STUFF great prices too!
This is an EXCELLENT price in a rare color. SOMEONE KOP!!!
Why has no one kopped this yet? GREAT price
New Posts  All Forums: