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How's the fit on those compared to Marlow WT's? I find the Marlows to fit a little tight in the toebox.
"Now there's a shoe" #dinks
Dislike this fit.Olive SC and blue pants are definitely not a good combo, IMO
Trialmaster? Looks a little too "moto"? Those snap pockets and belt Do u drive a Motorcycle?
That belsaff is too tight...
Stitch that is a raincoat Would look weird if u walked around in a tan knee length waterproof cotton coat on sunny days
For what it's worth, I liek
That is some next level stuff right there, emptym #Upholstery
Up for sale is a Samuelsohn for JP Tilford sportcoat in houndstooth. Wool-silk blend. New-with-tags. JP Tilford is made in Canada by Samuelsohn and fully canvassed. Identical quality as Samuelsohn mainline. See this thread for comments from established members. Features soft shoulders and a very slim cut. The cut is similar (identical?) to the sought-after Samuelsohn "Gable." This is a four season workhorse jacket for SF newcomers and regulars alike. You will not...
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