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@The Noodles, what has the reception been to your mini armada of Formosa suits in your place of work? I think you have 3 now, right? Grey POW, blue bird, blue window?
xpost from the Noodle thread@mossrockss you may appreciate this...
@kulatayeah i was just thinking they are a tad blobbythe real JP Lopez's are much nicer
Some great looking pents too They have slim and classic fit... might order one in classic fit to test it out http://shop.shirt.co.jp/mens/texteq/trousers/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40301_33/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40254_33/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40302_32/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40254_31/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/W40227_37/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/W40227_43/ And best for last... looks like they had some grey fresco wool...
@Caustic ManDon't believe soBut that's what proxy services in Japan are for... long a favorite of the SW&D crowd. I remember first hearing about them in raw denim threads years ago. People on the SW&D side use it all the time to get their uber 1337 limited edition stuff from Japanhttp://putthison.com/post/67478854214/shopping-japan-although-technically-legal-trade
So can we talk Kamakura? I've been griping lately about how their US site never gets any good shirt stock anymore. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for staples like bengal stripe oxfords in different colors, end-on-ends, etc. Seems all the US site gets nowadays is the "dregs." When the US site first launch, it had all that good stuff... now... nada Then I got the bright idea the other day to check out the Japanese site with the help of Google Translate... I was blown...
^ Sorry, still not liking that black jacket Needs kerosene treatment
Please burn this one. Black is a no-go for sportcoats. Even worse with stripes.You might find this thread helpfulI'd recommend-A true navy blue blazer (patch pockets with a casual navy fabric, like a 100% wool hopsack or fresco)-A medium blue sportcoat-A darker tan tweed-A lightweight tan sportcoat (maybe something with some combo of wool/cotton/linen/silk)http://www.styleforum.net/t/429429/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combination-and-more-hd-directors-cut-redux/50_50
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