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+1Let's hear it sugar! Is it because you live a dull, flat life and prefer your ties to be that way too?
Why are you a shantung hater?
drop to 1059
Drop to 1075
Iso that jacket is too short. Exchange for a "long"
^ cool story bro
Not a big fan of grey shirts. I have one Barba that I bought off Fleabay for $80 once. Wear it as a beater Definitely not a fan of cream and "ecru" shirts.
^ Do u have a side by side macro shot of navy Rangoon vs navy Minnis Fresco?I'd be interested to see. Never been sure what the weave looks likeLike this. (Spoiler'd) [[SPOILER]]
@IsolationThanks for the tip! Didn't know they made frescos(For other people here, scroll to the bottom here past the pinstripes for good solid colored frescos)http://dugdalebros.com/cloth-ranges/new-fine-worsted-bunch-140/
^ They're regular fit. Ft the same as Howard Yount USA cut
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