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Damn C&J finally came out with a dark brown pebble Pembroke. I had been considering getting one in the tan color and dying it brown. Definitely may have to pick one of these up RL Marlow is an amazing shoe http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/pembroke-darkbrown
Minnis 0520 - "Air Force Blue" https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/22
@Cao Cao I second the rec for Harrisons Oyster. Very sturdy cloth with some nice mid blue shades. Either that or Minnis Fresco fresco AFB to continue where your left off with your ill-fitting Formosa suit
Did a Google search for Ancient ThirstKind of want to read this book now
^Are they actually 8 cm dead-on, or a little bit over that? More like 3.25?
1 Tie added: I). NWT Polo Ralph Lauren navy with yellow and red stripes , 56 x 3.15 inches
Beautiful contest. Very vintage. Complimenti.
2 more sold 3 still remain
^ Despos is the best by far Then middle pic The top Eidos jacket has quarters that are too rounded IMO. Looks like a morning suit
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