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@Cleav can you inform us Yanks about current British customs on the wearing of regimental tie stripes?Is it still a faux pas to wear a tie from a military unit that you have no connection to? Or have customs about that loosened?From the Hober site:http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?61358-Which-way-should-Regimental-stripes-go
^ All mine. @Cleav Photoshoot for this thread, which I encourage you post in: http://www.styleforum.net/t/400833/a-study-in-stripes-regimental-and-repp-ties/0_50#post_7212429
Do you have to even ask? This is StyFo, after all. Everyone is OCD here Mainly wanted to take some good pictures to encourage others to post their collections. Took all of 5 mins
Ok so it's the book is about appealing to people of a certain socioeconomic class or management position, rather than gender, age, or nationality?What ties does he classify as "conservative, traditional"? That's a vague description. Something WASPy like a repp stripe or pindot?What about the ties that made a favorable impression with the blue collar folk and an unfavorable impression with the executives? Were those novelty ties? Chambray? I'm having trouble picturing...
would you consider doing some striped grenadines next season? there aren't too many good ones around. @Claghorn will attest to this
Something in navy would probably be best as a first stripe tie, but it depends on what other color ties you have already.Can't pick a clear favorite, but my least favorite tie in the collection might be the brown with white stripes. It's a vintage tie from the 60s that I inherited. Keep it for sentimental reasons, but I rarely wear it. Stripes are too thin.
Can you post the parts about the ties since this is a thread about ties and not raincoats? Genuinely interested, and this vital info might get others to wade into the conversation To reiterate, there would be certain colors to stay away from. I would never wear a bright red tie, a bright yellow tie, etc. And I would never wear anything in a shiny satin. But I'm not sure you could correlate a green tie with a higher chance of sealing a deal/getting a promotion than a...
I choose striped ties that according to their aesthetic appeal, not their historyBut it is fun learning about a particular organization/school from the 20th century that picked that set of colors and scale/sizeIf you look at my collection, I have an eclectic historical mix: Ties that are supposed to represent the troops guarding the English monarchy; Ties that are supposed to represent a golf club in Oxford; and then a few ties that are supposed to represent various...
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