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FOUND IT! EG Chartwell http://leathersoulhawaii.com/2011/05/14/edward-green-a-couple-monks-lsw-lsbh/
I just bought a big plastic bin from container store to keep mine in
completely up to you. but don't dawdle. this order is going in soon.
I would like to make this as un-complicated as possible for Reid. They say they don't usually cut it into separate orders for consumers like us.Can you live with 6.75 meters and have you tailor cut it? Frankly, I'd rather not make that request of them. They are already doing us a huge favor.
Thanks Boulito, you just put this order over the 60 meter threshold. I would hope that they can ship to France. They're mailing it to the US already, so France should be cheaper right?Order is now 61 77 meters!!! If other people want in, now's the time to speak up. Fast tracking individual payments for this weekend/early next week. Contact email at Reid and Taylor to be posted soon.
A little bird also told me Reid and Taylor barleycorn is in the works for the fall for VIP Bigtymer Formosa bespoke cutomers.
@gdl203 Holy shit, those spring Formosas are the amazing!!! Do I see Minnis Fresco and Smiths Solaro?
If you are on the list below and are interested in FABRIC 1a for $33.50 per meter + shipping from the UK, please confirm you interest in the threadAs a reminder, 1a is the larger scale pictured in swatch image, 450 grams (15.9 oz)Also, remember that it's for a BARLEYCORN ONLY fabric. They are making it without the herringbone in the swatch.147% confirmed to the goal for the 1a fabric. (88.03 out of 60 meter minimum)In:1. jrd617 in for 2.5 meters CONFIRMED2....
@gdl203Awesome!NMWA x jrd!!!!Solid.
I asked the Reid rep to focus on cost accounting for 1a since it seems to take a long time for them to figure things out.Despos expressed interest in 1a and he is one of our key order placers.Also, most seem to like the larger scale. I can get down with that. Maybe go smaller scale if there's enough interest after we fill up the large scale order.I'm thinking the smaller scale fabric will be priced in the same ballpark.
New Posts  All Forums: