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Well said, Flying MonkeyAlso, you say that MIC's list works within the context of a "contemporary corporate environment." I'd go further than this to say that the aesthetic values of the contemporary corporate environment are warped. This is the Vineyard Vines crowd that Unbel is referring to.
^ All the examples of brown pants are already up. Let's not go by pants color either. Does not follow the pattern of organization I have established. Jackets, suits, ties, shirts, outerwear, etc instead
Your wife likes the Galaxy?
^ Got nothing in black in the archives.
Taking requests for tomrrow/Monday..
spoken like a true "grad"now if we could just get your measuring stuff...
In any event, I think OP should find a new topic. There's no firm evidence of my claims. You;re likely to get a C grade
A single AE vs. an Aldo saves money. I'm using Aldo here because they seem to be very popular. The "default" shoe brand of our time. You'll have to buy at least another Aldo, while the AE is still going strong.
Fuck this guy.Is he the one who's fucking up Huntsman? They've got the pitchforks out on London Lounge
How about a pair of $14.80 shoes on Alibaba? Direct from the sweatshops of Guangzhou http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2013-fashion-leather-men-s-shoes-2013-New-England-lace-dress-business-casual-men-s-shoes/1292551261.html
New Posts  All Forums: