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Can anyone tell me if there's a difference between pants labeled "Incotex 1951" and "Incotex Slowear"? Is the latter considered inferior? The reason I ask is because I came across a bunch of them on fleabay. They were made in Italy and had the split curtain waist... so seems like the same Incotex 1951 quality we all like @Ich_Dien, I think you're the expert here?
^nothing wrong with clarks. just not to be worn with suits.
^ box seats?
are those vass, sugar?
noodles the leather on your shoes looks cracked...
I could totally see Cleav curb stomping and flinging chairs in his immaculately tailored suit and red face paint... [[SPOILER]]
Cleav do you go into full football hooligan mode at these matches?
Worsted Alsport is nicehttps://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/41
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