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^ Do you have a mullet in that pic?
Could you Periscope the trolling so we can all watch?
how would yo troll them?
Apparently the director was a major drug fiend on the set of Fantastic Four... not suprising he was let go.
Top 4?
Any plans for fresco RTW pants? Those would be ideal for warm weather...
Just when I thought I had enough striped ties.. this HC is awesome
Was just about to comment about this. @comradeRLBL definitely isn't "ivy style." (Soft shouldered "sack suit")RL himself described it as being inspired by the Kilgour suits in North By Northwest. It's a very slim take on Savile Row.The Anthony model is very built up in the shouldershttp://www.gq.com/style/suit-guide/200501/ralph-lauren-black-label
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