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drop to 1059
Drop to 1075
Iso that jacket is too short. Exchange for a "long"
^ cool story bro
Not a big fan of grey shirts. I have one Barba that I bought off Fleabay for $80 once. Wear it as a beater Definitely not a fan of cream and "ecru" shirts.
^ Do u have a side by side macro shot of navy Rangoon vs navy Minnis Fresco?I'd be interested to see. Never been sure what the weave looks likeLike this. (Spoiler'd) [[SPOILER]]
@IsolationThanks for the tip! Didn't know they made frescos(For other people here, scroll to the bottom here past the pinstripes for good solid colored frescos)http://dugdalebros.com/cloth-ranges/new-fine-worsted-bunch-140/
^ They're regular fit. Ft the same as Howard Yount USA cut
Keep or purge these fresco pants from Dapper Classics? I already have 3 identical pairs (two fresco and one "open weave" from HY). Is that too much grey in the rotation? Thinking of diversifying out with some tan Minnis fresco pants. Damn looks like they stopped making the brown fresco https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/23
@Crat how would you rank the movie vs. the other Craig movies?
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