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^ The Eidos donegal had flecks of gold mixed in. This one only has light blue and red flecks. So the Hillside stuff is unique in that sense. Not sure how the ground blue shade of the Hillside donegal compares to the Eidos donegal. I actually inquired to Molloy a few weeks ago about getting a length of the Eidos donegal. They only have 1.8 meters left or so. Not enough for a jacket my size Then the Hillside stuff popped up, which I prefer slightly because of the absence...
Wow, so I received the Molloy for Hillside donegal that Dieworkwear posted: http://fabric.thehill-side.com/collections/everything/products/donegal-tweed-lambswool-navy I am blown away by how nice this stuff is The perfect shade of mid blue/light navy Since the Hillside used it on sneakers, I was worried that it would be a very light weight. That fear was unfounded. It's the same weight as the light blue donegal that Molloy makes. About 19 oz Stock photos. ...
Noodles are you planning on buying SC's now? I thought your office doesn't allow them...
So who watched the Colbert finale?
I thought stitchy bought the club tie...
I should get a commission from Barneys at this point
You're welcome
Here are the best ones IMO.Good starters if you don't already own something similarAnd if you like the whole abstract print thing
I think the main reason the Eyetalians haven't put up webstores yet is because they supply to the large brands in large quantities. BB, SuitSupply, JCrew etcThe top English mills, not at all. They mainly supply to tailorsBut I still think the Italians are of similar quantity
How can you quantify VBC as being on the low end? Sure, they sell to places like BB and Suit Supply, but they have some very nice cloths If they had their stock on line like the Huddersfield mills, I buy a lot of their stuff
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