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Ur buying a Tom Ford suit next? Or are you referencing the worsted grey fabric?
I think the boat on Murl's flannel has sailed. Didn't someone buy it?
@The Noodles I feel like you could use a birdseye in charcoal Or maybe a fresco charcoal or grey or navy What's your next soot purchase?
@Murlsquirl has it right. That blue window Formosa is awesome. @The Noodles have u been getting compliments are your Formosas? Do people appreciate the wide lapels and Neapolitan style? Or is it lost on them?
How about something like this in mid blue From Kamakura Japan store cotton hemp blue SC for under 2 bills http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/ZM0031_25/
@The Noodles, what has the reception been to your mini armada of Formosa suits in your place of work? I think you have 3 now, right? Grey POW, blue bird, blue window?
xpost from the Noodle thread@mossrockss you may appreciate this...
@kulatayeah i was just thinking they are a tad blobbythe real JP Lopez's are much nicer
Some great looking pents too They have slim and classic fit... might order one in classic fit to test it out http://shop.shirt.co.jp/mens/texteq/trousers/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40301_33/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40254_33/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40302_32/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/C40254_31/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/W40227_37/ http://shop.shirt.co.jp/item/W40227_43/ And best for last... looks like they had some grey fresco wool...
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