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Jacket #1 sold Jackets #2 and #3 remain
You probably missed a couple of the Labor Day sales. That's usually when everything goes on sale---cars, electronics, suits, everything. Have you tried the SF B&S forum? All the brands you mention are present there. NWT stuff
Thanks for the mentions Razl. Wanted to mention that I give 5% off my eBay prices to all members here!
Believe it or not, there are a few people that are dead set on the other method. I had one person on eBay message me and say that the Subtract 10 method was wrong and throwing off his browsing methodThey are both correct
awesome price
GREAT price
Some alternate discussion links.
I have always used the rule of thumb of "subtract 10" from the European size to get your American size. For example, a 50R EU becomes a 40R EU,a 54R EU becomes a 44R US, 58R EU becomes a 48R US, and so forth. Most online retailers, SFers and eBayers seem to follow this rule of thumb. The better stores and sellers also provide measurements to give you peace of mind. Far and way, "Subract 10" seems to be the most popular method.I recently became aware that the old school...
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