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@Newcomer is that WBill Lamlana? I've handled that stuff. Too soft for my tastes. But great color and barleycorn weave Edit: now I see the Scabal on the selvedge. Similar texture to Lamlana still?
^ i have that same one
http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread-improving-a-business-wardrobe/31150_50#post_8137311 Revisiting this post. Got rid of the brown tweed. Considering culling this heavy 18-19oz Harris tweed by a very famous neapolitan tailor on SF. Very mixed feeling about it. It is beautiful. Just too warm for me. Thinking about replacing with something lighter Am I stupid guys? @archibaldleach @sugarbutch @heldentenor @New Shoes1 @jcmeyer
Drop to 1025
Up for sale is a set of three, incredible Mastai Ferretti shirts. Size 16/41. Staple blue shirts with button-down collars. There are two in oxford cloth. (Small scale and large scale). And one in a great "end-on-end" cloth. All the shirts are in excellent condition. Each has been worn about two times and were very well cared for. I just had them laundered and professionally pressed. Mastai Ferretti shirts are made by the SAITT group, which also makes Truzzi shirts. ...
PRL by Corneliani
yep black
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