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Up for sale are 2 new-without-tags, Barba Napoli shirts. Staple blue. Both tagged a a size 16/41. NEVER worn. One shirt is a spread collar with blue cotton twill flannel fabric. It has a very soft flannel nap to it. The other shirt is a classic button down collar with an exquisite collar in a blue cotton-linen blend fabric. Great fabric for the warmer months. The collar roll is similar to Kamakura and the classic Brooks Brothers button down. Barba needs no introduction...
New trailer White dinner jacket Bond's suits are still terrible. Tight garbage from Tom Ford And black M's are better And no question that Waltz is Blofeld now... Nehru collar. They saved us the drama of the big reveal for Khan/Star Trek 2.
Are you the one helping them with their picnik attacks?
@ClaghornIf anyone would buy a piece of very blue art, it would be you You could put it in your walk in closet amongst you many blue jackets and ties
How much is this? @sprout2
winnerstop being stupid noodles
Is Picnic Attack in full swing right now?
@davesmith I PM'd u
exquisite trimmings i think@davesmithhttp://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Bespoke
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