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I don't see any suit labels in there... is Zegna a subsidary of Uber now?
Found this picture in an article about UberNotice anything wrong here?
"Midnight blue." It's a shade that's very close to black. Not quite "navy blue," but perfectly acceptable.
Doubtful all the Cheviots sold out in all the UK stores. US store probably has a small allocation. Pick up the phone and you're bound to find a pair at one of the UK stores.As for that sales guy, I shook my head at the tactic of trying to create urgency by telling me the price would be going up.
Did that pushy sales rep in the NY store tell you this?I was in there a couple months ago looking at a pair of shoes. I said I'd think about them, but he urged me to purchase them that day because the price on that particular pair of shoes "would be going up next week." LOLAnd last week I was in there to check out the Cheviot, but they had none in stock yet since its from the new collection. He said that I better act fast because they had already "presold" 15 of their...
I said in my original post that I don't want a longwing, and that I want G-width.The Cheviot is a longwing that comes in standard width .
Amended my previous post. I confused "U-throat" with "U-Cap." I'd want a "U-Cap" derby in cordo. Like so (from Vass)
I wish to be associated with the words of the speaker above
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