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^ In Sitches: overrated
does he have a website? just curious to see.
who is brendon?
^ dont care for any of those where are all the bengal stripe oxfords?
jFrat, sounds like Sydney is your home base!
USD is also strengthening vs the Sterling after a rough 2014 http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=GBP&view=10Y
The Anderson and Sheppard cut is considered "London Drape" and has extra folds of cloth in the chest ("drape") and very soft shoulders. I haven't heard A&S suits called anything but "comfortable and relaxed." The iGent blogosphere often quotes Fred Astaire as saying that he did all of his dancing in A&S suits.Also, the house cuts Rubinacci and many other Neapolitan tailors are very similar style to Anderson and Sheppard. They are all descended from Frederick Scholte and...
What do you like so much about Liverano?
Auckland to Sydney is pretty cheap: http://www.hopper.com/flights/from-AKL/to-SYD/guide
So is JFrater keen on doing Liverano suits? I haven't been following this thread. Doesn't make a lot of sense to be flying the Florence for each fitting There are a lot of other options in Oceania Doesn't P. Johnson in Australia do Neapolitan-style bespoke? Phat Guido's suits were all P Johnson I believe: ...
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