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Update: took some late night pictures under better lighting and added length measurements I'm clearing out three navy suitings from my personal stash at good prices. All are at least 3.5 meters. Enough for a 40R suit. 1). H. Lesser, navy hopsack 13 oz, 4 meters http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/h-lesser-sons/no-303-13ozs 2). Minnis Fresco, a shade in between "Air Force Blue" and navy blue. 14-15 oz, 3.5 meters Original thread. ...
Post number?
What was the eruption? I haven't been following all the most recent posts.
Lending Club?
I think Noodles should take out a mortgage to buy a wardrobe on TF suits. Who's with me on that?
I won't spoil the one liner but it was good
Noodles, Tom Ford suits were mentioned in Captain America Civil War!
^ his name sounds like he's the child of Nazis who decided to name him after an American shoe company.
Reggs' main bone of contention about the stormtroopers is wrong too because you can clearly see a 7 foot assassin droid beating down the stormtroopers in the trailer in that clip. It's the one of the rebel team played by Alan tudyk
^ Have you seen a Star Wars movie ever? The Stormtroopers are not very threatening
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