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Somewhere in the housekeeping dept of the hotel, a deranged cleaning person is fondling your wool socks...
Panty sock raid?
stitchy should get a commission for all his posts...
@gdl203 I remember you saying this awhile back. You really think they made good money?Was thinking about the recent shift to Hickey. Polo's margins on the Corneliani probably sucked. You think they made good money at 70% off?
I actually like the thin knots on the Shibumis I think the Hober ties aren't tapered enough at the top, and hence a thicker knot
Shibumi tie trio Probably the best-looking green "neat" tie I've seen. Would you guys agree? Looks like it's still available. A bit pricey though http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Ties/Floral-Printed-Silk-Tie-Green-Handrolled::15.html
@The Noodles
nice ties! i like all most of the green "ground" ties. Only one I would never wear is that last one in lime green. Too light.
The forum favors ties in "cool" colors like navy, midnight, black, brown and burgundy. (And often eschews ties in "warm" colors like yellow, red, and orange) But what about the forgotten sibling: green? The purpose of this thread is to discuss green ties. What do they work best with? Also, post your collections and fits. @Claghorn @in stitches @tchoy Here is my collection. -Knottery -Corneliani -Hober -Cappelli -Shibumi
Passagio Crawatte has terrible customer service. Howard Yount technically has customer service. (Though he isn't a scammer) Cappelli DOES NOT have terrible customer service.
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