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Nice stuff
Those pants don't look like they fit you I see pockets flaring. Too small
^ Drape cut does not have strong shoulders. I think if you walked into Steed and asked for a jacket with strong padded shoulders they might look at you kinda funny. They could technically do it, but it's not their specialty. Huntsman is considered either "military" or "equestrian" cut. It has strong padded shoulders and often roped shoulder expression. Drape and military/equestrian are very different. (See above)
I don't anything from these tailors, but from what I've read:Steed:Drape cut (owner is ex-Anderson and Sheppard, the Savile Row firm where the drape cut was developed)Soft shoulder (another Anderson and Sheppard characteristic)Less flared skirtHuntsman:Lean cut (there are no vertical folds in the chest area as with the Drape)Stronger shoulder, often with roped expressionMore flared skirt
Up for sale is an incredible JP Tilford Samuelsohn suit in size 46R. Staple charcoal grey twill. Would make an excellent fall, winter, spring staple! Follow the eBay link for detailed information, measurements and pictures. You can make a purchase through the eBay website or directly from me through Paypal. Styleforum members get a 5% discount if you make your purchase directly through Paypal, which is the method of payment that most sellers on this board use. Just send...
Quoted for awesomeness.Great coat, @gusvsAlso, wish I had a little foyer alcove like that full of EG's
This is interestingPSG, could you do a side by side showing this on Ambrosi vs NSM?
Certainly didn't mean to suggest you can't use your own card...I was just interested in what makes Ambrosi pants so special... sounds like not a whole lot compared to NSM etc.Some people like the collect suits and SC's from different artisans/manufacturers. Perfectly fine.
Jensen was commenting on michaels story... I agree with Jensen. I wouldn't want to commission anything from Ambrosi after hearing michaels story. Idling for 2 years... Is there anything particularly special about ambrosi's pants? Why do people still come back? Doesn't NSM do pants for like half the price?
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