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I should get a commission from Barneys at this point
You're welcome
Here are the best ones IMO.Good starters if you don't already own something similarAnd if you like the whole abstract print thing
I think the main reason the Eyetalians haven't put up webstores yet is because they supply to the large brands in large quantities. BB, SuitSupply, JCrew etcThe top English mills, not at all. They mainly supply to tailorsBut I still think the Italians are of similar quantity
How can you quantify VBC as being on the low end? Sure, they sell to places like BB and Suit Supply, but they have some very nice cloths If they had their stock on line like the Huddersfield mills, I buy a lot of their stuff
Styleforum robot are you trolling? Where's the shocking development? Or maybe just drunk? Go home SF robot
Is that a closeup of the MBT jacket?
Was that jacket done by B and Tailor or your other MBT Korean tailor? Thinking it might be the latter Is BNT typically better at pattern matching?
Price drop. These are now an even more EXCELLENT deal Taking reasonable offers if you plan to purchase multiple pairs I may end up donating these and getting a tax refund if these don't sell, so act quickly
Yeah not sure which scale I prefer. Earlier today I liked the smaller thickness windowpane, but now I like the thick Atttolini versionNot a fan of Moonbeam cloth. Way too soft. Any other books I can look at?This jacket will primarily be worn with jeans. There are time when it feels too stuffy to wear a regular brown or grey tweed to a non formal event. This will fill that nicheWhat are your thoughts on the Attolini fit, @unbelragazzo?
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