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I really like the look of grey or charcoal birdseye...
Ones I've almost kopped:Harrisons OysterH&S Intercity (GDL did Formosas in this one)
noob!!!! see what gdl said
Noodles relapsed?!?!?!
^ hate the look of that new Avengers poster. The lighting is all of and it looks like all the pictures were cut out and collaged poorly in photoshop
^ Looks like Eon Productions have succumbed to the Tyranny of #Menswear
Jacket fit is very tight. I would return You can also get a lot more bang for your buck for $500-600. Dragon Inside is fused, correct?
Dieworkwear article on tan suits: http://dieworkwear.com/post/111577840979/the-tan-summer-suit
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