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Noodles you might try Belvest too Noticed that a lot of their newer stuff has flared jacket skirts, like Zegna and TF
I'm talking quarters though. Not shoulders or chest...
TF vs Formosa quarters?Major difference is that TF is more squared off...
why the hate for the Zegna/TF quarters?
^ Nothing wrong with TF, noodles. Looks good TF is actually Zegna made. The highest level of construction they do
Looks good noodles Has it been taken in the waist? You might be able to take it in more
it's an embedded imagecan anyone else not see the pic?
$145 for those shirts? Are they handsewn? Doesn't seem like a great deal to me. Can get great fitting machine made shirts from Kamakura for like half that price... And can get handsewn Barba shirts, etc, on ShoptheFinest for less than $145
Noodles that picture looks like it was shot from a table looking upwards? That could definitely be causing the pear shaped distortion Take a proper damn picture
D and F sold
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