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j press sold 4 ties remain
all sold
Tan sold Zegna brown remains
I'd like to see this tackled
grey woodhouse is sold. that was fast
Some high end trouser lengths that I don't have the funds to bespeak. Bought these from Kolecho and Edmorel awhile back The grey whipcord and tan cav twill are extremely rare Edwin Woodhouse (discontinued). 13 oz The brown whipcord is Zegna. Heavyweight
Up for sale are three two high end trouser fabrics. Selling because I have enough pants at the momentEdwin Woodhouse and Zegna need little introduction here. Some of the best fabrics in the world.Woodhouse is rare stuff now, as the line has been discontinued. My loss is your gain. Snap these collectors items up for fantastic prices.Zegna stuff is rare too. They don't make anything like this anymore. I have checked out the Zegna stores in NYC and Chicago recently, and they...
New Posts  All Forums: