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To quote Sartodinapoli, all those suits are profinations of classical style...
Up for sale are some extremely high quality ties from Sam Hober, Charvet and Holliday&Brown. All hand made. The Sam Hober burgundy neat is particularly nice. The silk it was done in is no longer available on the site. This makes it a rare find. I paid $85 + $15 shipping for that one I believe. I will let it go for $85. (I eat the shipping) The $235 MSRP Charvet ties are great too. VERY thick silk. I have excellent feedback here I will ship to the rest of the...
damn these are nice the stream of amazing RTW shoes from jerrybrowne's closet never ends...
That's terrible @TRINIWhy not ask him to remake the whole jacket?Thanks. I'm actually going to ask my MBT to recut the front.For some unknown reason, he deviated from my normal pattern for this suit and placed the buttoning point about an inch higher than normal. He' s a stickler for lining up the tops of the pockets with the second buttonhole - which is fine but left the pockets an inch too high off the bottom hem.He tried to fix it by shortening the jacket rather than...
@Jr Mouse @Harold falcon
@The Noodleshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/249539/revealing-your-mbt-or-when-people-are-tactless/0_50
who made the soot @TRINI?
He claims his balls were never deflated. But everyone knows he hired two guys to deflate his balls: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/may/06/fuckin-watermelons-coming-the-incriminating-deflategate-texts-in-full
A guy with deflated balls
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