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is that how you normally stand? why are your feet planted so far apart? are you trying to signal larry craig? as jubei said, the skirt looks off. you have a "pear shape" in those pictures, which could be the result of the way you're standing, or a jacket cut that doesn't work on your body type. (wide hips, narrow shoulders) would help if you took some pictures standing normally.
la casuarina showed up. been a long time...
Somewhere in the housekeeping dept of the hotel, a deranged cleaning person is fondling your wool socks...
Panty sock raid?
stitchy should get a commission for all his posts...
@gdl203 I remember you saying this awhile back. You really think they made good money?Was thinking about the recent shift to Hickey. Polo's margins on the Corneliani probably sucked. You think they made good money at 70% off?
I actually like the thin knots on the Shibumis I think the Hober ties aren't tapered enough at the top, and hence a thicker knot
Shibumi tie trio Probably the best-looking green "neat" tie I've seen. Would you guys agree? Looks like it's still available. A bit pricey though http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Ties/Floral-Printed-Silk-Tie-Green-Handrolled::15.html
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