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@andermtDo you have any more pics of the "Budapester" wingtip? That one looks really niceDid you by chance get it at the C&J factory store? I think I once saw that Budapester model mentioned when someone was showing pictures of the factory. Might have been @CleavI'm considering organizing an MTO for that model at some point. Do you know the last? Any more pics
Sarto could do it well...
Youtube channel idea: Claghorn visits stores and trolls the SA's-Suit Supply-J Crew-Banana Republic-Charles Tyrwitt-Zara
@Bill Dlwgosh http://www.styleforum.net/t/429429/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combination-and-more-hd-directors-cut-redux/0_50
^ no disrespect intended I actually found it interesting that there's such thing as a nailhead tweed. I've seen birdseye before, but never nailhead. Both are more often found in worsted suiting...
Twill nailhead
that's not a twill ^ looks more like a "nailhead" tweed
I would guess demand for darker colors? There are a relatively small amount of horse shells, and perhaps the majority of them are allocated to the darker colors? Easier to sell a dark brown shoe than a tan colored one
Awesome In before @NAMOR, the SF king of shell...
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