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When was the last time the PCAT saw the light of day? I think it's due for a defrosting...@SpooPoker
Anyone interested in a unique derby shoe in cordovan? Last 325 is pretty awesome. And if I could get it in a G-fitting as part of a MTO project, even better. The Marlow's give me painful blisters in the little toe area if I walk in them for too long. MTO models I can think of: -Burgundy cordovan shortwing on the 325 (Basically a burgundy Marlow) -Whiskey cordovan shortwing on the 325 (Possibly with dainite soles) -Burgundy cordovan U-throat on the 325 -Whiskey...
Why all the boots? No love for derbies?
So I put two coats of Saphir cordovan cream on my Marlow wingtips. This is the pair that often feels very dry in the vamp area. WOW! What a difference it made. Now quite well conditioned and glossy. I did this after doing a coat of Reno, then application of deer bone all around the leather. I'd suggest using the Saphir cordovan cream since it doesn't contain turpentine, which can stretch the fibers of the cordovan @NAMOR have you tried this on your Gianni boots?
Opinions on this tweed for a sportcoat? Can blue windowpane work for a tweed? We've established that blue with windowpane is not ideal for a worsted wool. Too evocative of suiting It's Butt of Lewis #188 http://www.buttoflewistextiles.co.uk/products.html
Comrade will you take some pics and do a similar write up?
Something is off with the waist and button stance. This may not be a great cut on you Waist looks very shapeless in the front view pictures In the back view pictures it looks very suppressed Also, button stance is on the high side
Thinking about reviving this thread. Have a ton of material. Anyone know of software that can automatically collage images? Doing it manually for hundreds of images in PS is a pain... Paste/Drag/resize/paste/drag/resize
I yield the floor to the thread creatorSee comments above [[SPOILER]]
Edit: OP is apparently serious about this question. I will open the floor to anyone else who can comment on this (unlikely) theory.Honestly, I think the ponies are just whatever color the designer feels like slapping on to the polo shirts on a given dayAlso, many posters here, including myself, eschew anything with an embroidered logo.OP preserved for the sake of fairness below. Zippyh gave me a "thumbs up" so that has to count for something [[SPOILER]]
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