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+1http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/tan-single-breasted-solaro-cotton-suit-9-10-oz-caccioppoli-cloth.htmlNMWA did a suit in this clothVery close in colors to the Canali cloth in my sales thread posted by the OP
quite a few from here deserve to be in this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/478111/last-night-at-the-met-dressing-for-the-opera/0_50
sold pendng payment
I wish to be associated with the words of the speaker above
Something also can be said of the width of the fabric at the knotting area on the Capps vs the Hobers. The Hobers have a wider piece of cloth at the knotting area, making for a thicker knot.
my cappelli grens definitely feels thinner than the hober gren I used to own (sold on B&S(
try emailing them. all the UK mills I've asked for samples from have obliged. they probably speak english at drapershttp://www.drapersitaly.it/contactor if in the USA, write to Jodek, their American distributor
@Mr. Six All of my Capp's are the standard 3-fold. Their default interlining is already quite soft compared to Hober's so no need to switch it out for something even lighter. paging @Claghorn
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