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Why are u looking at NM ties again? Bad noodles. Remember your $2000 NM fiasco that got you into trouble?
are you wearing the same two suits over and over again? that's nasty. do they have a stank? they'll wear out fast that way too
noodles have u conceded to sportcoats now?
Is this a hopsack? How do you all feel about a sportcoat done in grey hopsack? This one is by Caruso. Great quality and cut. Soft shoulders w/ path pockets and a 3-roll-2 stance
jungalo, yeah i dont like the cut of that coat nice fabric
nice maker?
@Claghorn check this out
+1 listen to stichala For a SC, I think windowpane can work very well on a rough textured green or brown tweed. This is due to the casualness of the earthy colors. But due to the combination of the vertical lines and navy color, a blue windowpane SC will draw the association of a suit. Something about the navy color + lines just communicates "suit" to me. It's like a wide pinstripe with horizontal lines added. Looks very "banker" (navy pinstripe)
Crockett and Jones or Equus
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