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4-25 Final drop on Kiton suit before ebay.
4-25 price drops.
Price drop on Moncler down jkt and Loro Piana belt.
4/19 Price drops.
Greetings all. Some of you know that my dad is very ill. I am taking a leave of absence from work and returning to my hometown; however, I would like to move these outstanding items before departing this week. Unless otherwise noted, all items are in very good condition. Shipping in CONUS included on items that have not been reduced or marked down. Also, 3% paypal fee required for all items with reduced prices. Some items consolidated from an old thread....
4-19 Price drops on Kiton suit and unsold shirts, including Kiton, T&A, Borrelli, Etro... Last call on Kiton suit. Will consider reasonable (non-lowball) offer on SF before moving to Ebay.
4/12 New addition of Moncler down jacket, RLP, Borelli Vintage, and more...
4/4 additions: Brunello Cucinelli pea coat (exc cond); NWT Loro Piana braided belt.
4/2 Price drops.
3/29 Drops. Make offer on Kiton and RLP suits. All items reduced.
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