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Closet cleaning. Please note: Items have not been reduced include shipping and Paypal fees (insurance addtl if desired); however, reduced items for sale must include shipping costs and 3% of purchase price for requisite Paypal fees. Reasonable offers may be considered. Shoes Bottega Veneta Men's Nero Calf (Ankle) Boot from F/W 2010 line. Made in Italy, the handcrafted boot is highly sought after as it is no longer in production. Purchased at Bottega boutique in F/W...
7/9 price drops. Reasonable offers accepted on select items.
7/1 price drops. Bontoni's dropped by roughly 20%.
Size correction on vintage Gucci and addition of NWT RLBL (made in Italy) pants.
6/24 Price drops.
6/19 Price drops and new additions.
New additions.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Sorry to hear about your dad, and best wishes for him. FWIW, I think you have a typo in the description of #1 (or else I'm misunderstanding what you're measuring) -- 31" for the seam-to-cuff sleeve length seems way off. Thanks for the kind words about my dad. Correction made on the sleeve length. Be well,
Greetings all. Some of you know that my dad is very ill. I am taking a leave of absence from work and returning to my hometown; however, I would like to move these outstanding items before departing this week. PLEASE SEE NEW/CONSOLIDATED POSTING DATED 7-9-11 FOR MOST CURRENT ITEMS FOR SALE. Unless otherwise noted, all items are in very good condition. Shipping included (CONUS) on items that have NOT not been reduced or marked down. Also, 3% paypal fee required for all...
6/11 price drops.
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