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Just bought a great Moncler winter down jacket. It's my first. Love the style and seems to be high quality down, particularly considering what's a "fair" (pricey) but fair price point. Any thoughts on those who have or have had Moncler winter jkts in the past. In short, do they live up to hype? Would love to read your thoughts.
I have an older Tiffany piece. Quite elegant. If you have time, check for a vintage sterling piece. David Donahue has a few simplistic bars that can be purchased at Neimans, Nord and Saks.
Love the Belvest, assuming that it has side vents. Pls let me know via pm if you come across a 38R. Elegant piece. In fact, while I don't hold on to suits for more than a few yrs, I have a Belvest 8-9 yrs old that still looks amazing. Txs.
Quote: Originally Posted by M. Bardamu I'm baffled by your pronouncement that the Trussardi doesn't seem to have the quality of a old-fashioned fully canvassed Gucci, when you can't tell whether or not said Trussardi is canvassed... I have bought some Trussardi sport shirts in the past (nowhere near full retail) and I've found them quite passable. don't wear Trussardi sport shirts, so I can speak to their quality. As an fyi, however, many...
May have already been noted in posts, but check out this month's American or British version of GQ. Decent article focused on a more modern look. While pricey, Ford and Brioni have some pretty neat DB jackets and suits on the mkt these days.
I wouldn't touch it. While quality on Armani varies widely, branding and labeling does not. The company knows what they are doing when it comes to branding their name and label, which is why they are able to command a good sum of money on many pieces that do not warrant it. Counterfitsm is also rampant in Nigeria, although not as discussed as China. 60 mins did a grt piece yrs ago on the capacity to get authenic looking docs, etc with tremendous ease.
As I already said. Move on bigots and haters. Let non-American Roger be down match point, receive a bad foot fault call and I am sure that you'd condone it. The Wms are over it. They are probably at one of their mansions, here or abroad, shopping on 5th, Worth or Rodeo, raking up endorsement, and, most recently, buying into the Miami Dolphins. Sure they don't care what you or I think for that matter, but I for one love to support Americans, even when they are insufferable...
Doubt that many ppl from this particular thread have the intellectual capacity to understand and embrace this article, but for the few fair-minded AMERICANS that permeate this thread, take a look. Broke ass haters racists stay away. Your hate, anger and jealously is predictable but, as an American, absurdly bemusing. Double Standard for Serena Williams Sports Dave Zirin: Why is Roger Federer's on-the-court meltdown acceptable while Serena Williams's outburst is...
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow If the suit is great in all respects except you don't know whether it's canvassed or not, it probably doesn't matter. Unless you expect to be wearing the suit 10-15 years from now on a regular basis, full-canvassed doesn't really make that big a difference. Either way live with it, look more carefully next time. Great fit. Will prob keep for the season. That said, it's always best never to buy in haste,...
Grt Belves. Should you come across one in a 38 or 40, pls let me know.TY
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