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Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Please check your measurements on the suits. The 31' sleeve is either wrong or you are a seriously an Ape. 26-27" is the absolute longest I ever see in these sizes. The PTP and Shoulder being the same is also a little strange. You might double check. As indicated in the description, the sleeve length noted is from the top of the shoulder seam to the bottom sleeve hem. I, like many others on SF, do not...
Newly added items to closet cleaning, including Kiton, Isaia, T&A, Borrelli, RLPL and Etro shirts.
2/25 Price drops. Reasonable offers accepted. More items to follow.
Sorry guys; it's definetly not RLPL. Most of my RL items are RLPL so I wrote it up as such without much thought; however, I noticed the error shortly after posting and changed the description to RLP. That said, I forgot to revise the title line. Albeit not RLPL, but it's a nice piece. Only selling b/c I have too many suits in this particular shade of gray.
Closet Cleaning Part 1: Brioni Cashmere S/C, and Kiton, RLP and Boglioli Suits, and Kiton, Isaia, T&A, Borrelli and Etro shirts. Not a professional tailor. Measurements on suits/sport coats are approximate. Pls note: shipping outside of CONUS is extra. Comp. shipping does not apply to items with reduced prices; these items also require a 3% paypal fee. #1: Brioni 100% Cashmere Navy Double-Breast S/C. 2 on 6. Current, modern D/B style S/C. EXCELLENT CONDITION. ...
15% Price Drop on NWT Alfie Sneakers. Reasonable offers accepted.
Up to 25% drops on new MMM, and Gucci and Saks slacks, Vintage (Tom Ford) Gucci horesbit loafers, Lorenzini shirt and RLP fair isle vest and cashmere sweater. Reasonable offers on MMM slacks and Gucci loafers.
NWT Alfie Sneakers. Size 10. Exclusively made for Barney's. Excellent condition. Leather. Red/White Scribble Model. 11" long X 4" wide. SOLD.
2/1 Price Drop on Rag and Bone Jacket. Reasonable offers accepted.
20% Price Drop on Moncler Gemme Blue Rugby Shirts and 10+% on Rag and Bone Jacket.
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