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Sometimes the principle of it fighting it is more important than the time, to me at least. I usually fight my tickets, if I truly wasn't in the wrong, and I have always won. Usually only takes an hour or two ( at least in Queens ). The suburbs are way less efficient and tend to have less court dates and a cluster of people but the city has always been in and out. My last NYC ticket was left turn during a prohibited time. Technically I was at fault as it was about 5...
Never been to a trunk show before, might as well make this my first. Hopefully some good winter wares, desperately need to stock up on warm wool slacks.
Interesting, I just picked these up last month and after a few wears I have the same exact bubble creases in the same locations.
I have a quick question on fit. Want to pull the trigger on a Gant Linen Blazer. Fit says "Urban", whatever that means. I'm a 38r to a T in RLBL. 36r to a T in JCrew Ludlow. Other "slim" brands seem to vary between the two sizes. I'm ~19.25" pit to pit. Pretty skinny but have some chest, arm, shoulder muscles. Have a 38R RL Rugby jacket that fits great but arms a bit snug for example. The size guide on Gant's site seems to be for shirts and sweaters, or their stuff fits...
That tie is pretty amazing
I have a little bit longer, fuller straight hair and found the American Crew Fiber didn't work well for me. It would get weighed down after a few hours and turn more greasy. I've had really good luck with Prejume Wax, specifically the #7. You can restyle the stuff later in the day and it doesn't turn into a oily mess and has just enough give that you can run your hands through your hair without it being...
I saw these yesterday and I could only find threads on SF about Finamore shirts, not sport coats. Anyone know about sizing? I'm a 38R RLBL to a T, but a mix of 36 or 38 in other brands.
Beautiful, but practical? Can you get that wet?
I kopped them, I'll let you know when they arrive. I'm assuming they're a US10 as well, otherwise you'll see them on B&S.
Do the pants on this have belt loops or pull tabs?
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