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Quote: Originally Posted by BOF Honestly, I cannot believe that the other guy was getting comments about looking feminine when he was just wearing a buttondown and lighter jeans, but there's no comment on this. go look at the reaction he got on sufu.
Anyone have experience with Generic Man footwear? Good/bad? Sizing, TTS or like CP etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Doesn't look like I received a PM. Resent, i sent an email as well to your customer service email on the paypal page.
Sorry to bother you but could you check your PM/email and get back to me mjk.
check your PMs
Quote: Originally Posted by Barrylicious I think I'm in love These remind me of my Grams.
that gray chambray will hopefully be mine.
Hare AA CM CP Skinny person Bad camera
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