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lurk more hamasper.
will probably only get that blue slim fit denim shirt.
that's what it looks like in the photo, you look awkward in your clothes.
Get that shirting pack out so people can impress in job interviews and buy more TOJ.
dismal you got the prices mixed up, 180 for the reversible 299 for the harrington , will send you an email for the harrington soon.
Even if it doesn't im sure dismal could put it in, that's what makes TOJ so great.
going from what dismal said in the TOJ thread on sufu, the anorak will cost the same as the harrington which is $180, correct me if i'm wrong.
How long does it take to get rid of the squeaking sounds that new leather sneakers make when you walk around in them (CP), there is no way i can go outside sounding like this haha
Looking for white sneakers, don't want chucks, these are on sale at revolve. y/n? Anyone have experience with the quality and sizing of Generic man?
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