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looks like something Uncontrol would wear
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Mr. Olive skinny fit dark gray jeans. I really like the solid dark gray color as opposed to the either light gray or faded black colorations that are so common on other gray/black denim. It provides a nice change from always wearing indigo or black jeans. those look exactly like uniqlo t-000 dark gray jeans that i have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill the DJ this picture is diiirrrrtyyy
my 42's are marked ass 9.5 and fit exactly like 9.5 a bit smaller than my 42 CPs though.
+1, it's out of control.
S M L XL Length 73.5 75.5 77 79.5 Shoulder 42 43.5 45 47 Width 50 53 56 60 Sleeve Length 60.5 62 64 65.5 Sleeve width 19.5 20.5 21.5 22.5 Neck 38 40 42 44 From Jap Uniqlo site so S would be an XS, S an M etc etc i think.
Will it come back later? i was hoping to get it one day but i don't need another jacket right now, fuck southern hemisphere.
I think he meant how long will dis be selling them for
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