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Kill Alex.
Pretty sure dis is talking about killing off the TOJ1 and Harrington.
Any hints on whats coming out ? I know i said i'd get a TOJ1 when i get back but at the rate i'm selling my things i might actually get the DR but if you come out with something even better...
Add $36 AUD for EMS which should take 3-7 days (includes tracking, delivery confirmation etc etc)
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+j sold, CPs added. Price drops so i can get rid of them this week and buy something good when i get back
oh my
lol dis needs to replace those pictures on the first page, the newer pictures are much much better.
+J Shirt added and price including shipping
Items located in Sydney, Australia Prices are in Australian dollars and add 4% for paypal. Brand New +J/Uniqlo White/Blue Microcheck button up shirt, Tagged as Japanese Small (So its XS for UK/US etc) SOLD shipped Can provide my own pictures on request but you can't really see the pattern as i only have a bad camera phone Generic Man Sportsman High - Retail: 285 USD / Selling for 50AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS+shipping+paypal AUD Labeled as size 42 / 9.5 Fits pretty much true...
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