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shirting = button-downs ?? and will these chinos be okay for summer or is it a winter version?
won't be long before people are dressed head to toe in TOJ, although from the sound of things you're going to need a more official/efficient way of handling sales soon rather then working out of a gmail and going through a million emails every day lol.
oh man now i want another toj1 in black/black, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME.
Khaki uniqlo t-000 skinny fit jeans size 28 - Selling for: $40aud + shipping + 4% paypal Worn twice, basically new condition no stains, tears etc, fits 28-29. Generic Man Sportsman High - Retail: 285 USD / Selling for: SOLD Shipping within Australia is generally $5-20 Australian dollars, international can range from $15 to $70 Australian dollars depending on a few things.
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch right on top of that blue is the medium gray piece, only a little bit of it is showing. (looks reasonably dark to me) ahhhhhh
so far far left? Man i'm colourblind or the picture is misleading on my screen because i thought that was the blue.
is it the light one on the bottom?
He probably means the reversible since it's still on the first page.
goddamn, final price drop: 50AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS+shipping+paypal last chance to buy in the next 22 hours before i go on a trip for a week and just keep them.
Price changes, pm me for a shipping quote, crazy price.
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