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Quote: actually there are two shops which carry them, http://www.armeebedarf.de/index.htm?...uwertig946.htm http://www.trash-clothing.de/vmchk/M...uhe-weiss.html (the last one is a bit slow. took three weeks till I received the shoes) Best way is still to buy them by ebay. You can use following phrases: "Bundeswehr Sportschuh" "Bundeswehr Hallenschuh" "Bundesweahr Turnschuh" "bw Sportschuh" "bw Hallenschuh" "bw Turnschuh" The costs will be max. 39€ (if you...
Don't know which site the guy who helped me got it from but l'll ask .
i just proxied a pair from germany, they go on ebay for 1-20 euro or you can just get it straight from a shop for 20 euro if you don't want to wait (what i did). Cost 38.5 euro total shipped to aus, although apparently the shipping is slow.
you one looks pretty clean, what details did you get.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one As for winter wool series, it's coming. Very soon. Sample pea up in less than a week if it's up to snuff, and then duffle very soon after. Once the sample goes up, pre-orders will be taken for just a few days. Here are the details: -slim fit, modern height armholes. Room for light layering in your true size. -a more traditional length, covering your crotch and butt -a slightly more aggressive collar with a...
i went with black/cream but seeing all these pictures make me want something else as well damnnnnn
the one on the left
price drops
i thought aeglus posted them on superfuture too.
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