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so first run will be black not grey?
grey moto and black double rider is going to kill me.
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu yanniki's jacket's looking fabulous! i also want a toj ecobag coming soon Quote: Originally Posted by dismalfuture Miscellany before I scoot off to bed at 6:45am: We are getting big natural canvas TOJ totes made up with the huge TOJ heiroglyph on the side; I decided we will include those for free, to start using those as our garment bags instead of going the way of the traditional...
yesss grey lamb moto pics
he is from Perth, Australia actually.
please start buying up all these mmm flea market replicas and sell them to me for $20, you will make millions.
cp training boot in all black is godly
you've earned it.
latest news on pea coat, ma-1, shirts and wallet. bags are in development and he said more capital is needed for shirts iirc Quote: Originally Posted by dismalfuture an MA1 IS coming soon. We obviously have a pattern and we lucked into some really great authentic MA1 fabric, so we're gonna do one. Just gotta find a different place because our one place is booked out with our other projects. It'll happen though, me and dizz both want to wear MA1s...
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