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Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Like these. I got them, for $235 im pretty happy.
Not sure.. if they were the all black ones i would be all over them but the black ones aren't available anywhere in my size and these white ones are.
she posts her pictures on /fa/, the 4chan fashion forum
a few months ago i had no money and there were so many things i wanted to buy now that I've got money saved up from not buying anything, there is nothing available that really interests me anymore
crewneck for sure
are you sure? can't see shipping info anywhere
won't sleep this time, +J shirting is like MTM for me.
you have no idea how sad i am at being so close to owning this wilhelm sweater but missing out
goddamn what a timew to go to sleep, missed out on everything
i think he means samples, extras and leftovers from previous stuff.
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