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looking to proxy +j navy duffle in XS (or S asian sizing) and some T-000s is it still in stock anywhere? I know korean uniqlo still has it available to order but dont know of any reliable korean proxys
would be nice to see a versatile jacket similar to the old toj1 design which is my favourite TOJ jacket. Sad that it didn't get much love when it was available
ordered some shirts but safari shirts arent available. any idea when they will be?
is the a-1 blouson available in dark grey calf suede? don't know if can resist that....
does suede destroy suede? i know i cant wear the varsity side of my toj1 anymore because my grey daypack is shedding all over it ._.
I made a new account with a friend and have just been joining games with duplicate heroes mode on and going double blacksmith. Also ran into brian's wild_whiskey account before but it was too awkward to say anything and the game was dead so i just left.
my unwashed XS has a P2P of 18"
<- firewizard Buffed blacksmith is so fun to pubstomp with.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex Anyone in here play Heroes of Newerth? Dota 6.65 is interesting but since picking HoN up I haven't gone back. Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Sigh.. I play it way too much. Usernames? I'm going to check your stats
woah this is still going
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