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I purchased a size 32 (I wear 31 in Levis 513, 514 and 32 in Levis 511). The Unbranded Skinny seemed much tighter than the Levis 511. I wore it around the house for a couple hours and it seemed to loosen slightly. But I didnt like the cut (neither did my wife). She said it made my legs look shorter compared to the Levis I have. I guess these are less tapered? So it's going back to the store.
I went ahead and got the 8 3E. I posted recently asking for sizing input from anyone who had the Daltons. My Dalton in 8.5 D originally fit bit snugly, but they are fine now after being broken in. The Strand in 8 3E seems to fit me really well right out of the box.
No, the discount code wasn't DRESSHOL. I got the 20% code when I signed up for the Amazon shoes mailing list. If you haven't already, you should be able to sign up for it and they will send you the code.Think this is the link http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=5637565011
I noticed that Amazon's selling the Strand for $249 for certain sizes. The Strand in 8.5-D, 8.5-3E, 8-D and 8-3E are all selling for $249 right now (and lot of the D and 3E in other sizes as well). I also have the %20 discount coupon so I'm able to get it for under $200. I have the Dalton in 8.5D, and it fits well except the right foot feels slightly tight. For the Dalton at least, I'm pretty sure my true size is an 8 E. But I think it will break in and feel okay. I...
Hi Everyone, A few days ago, I received my first pair of Allen Edmonds, the Dalton in Walnut. I got them as factory seconds. Comestically, I cannot see any faults. I wore my Dalton for the first time today. It looks great! I love it and have already received compliments on it when I wore it to the doctor's office today. But the pinky toe on my right foot was painful after wearing it for a couple of hours. I came home and felt the inside of the right shoe. The...
I came home from work and was welcomed by the Dalton that was just delivered today. I purchased it for $250 (including tax) from the AE outlet. It looks and feels great! I snapped a photo of it. Question though -- does it look bit darker (it's darker in person than in the photo)? For some reason, I remember it being lighter when I tried on a pair at a local Nodstrom. Maybe it was the lighting in Nordstrom? I'm not complaining though
Awesome. Thanks for sharing! Picked up the SNKK65. Do you know where I may be able to find the leather strap in that photo?
Thank you everyone for your helpful responses! I'll purchase the AE Walnut Polish. I guess I'll have to think about the conditioner because of the darkening issue. Has anyone used the conditioner / cleaner on a Walnut colored calfskin? Could you share your experiences (how much it darkens)? I don't think I'd mind a slight darkening, but not too much. Thanks again! P.S. It looks like the Wilson Suede and Leather Protector is also free of silicone and wax...
I will soon receive the Dalton in Walnut. I plan on wearing the shoe for a long, long time, so I was hoping if anyone could share some tips about caring for the Dalton. I have these two products: 1. Wilson Leather, Suede and Leather Protector (Water and Stain repellant) 2. Wilson Leather, Leather Lotion Could I use them on the Dalton? If so, should I spray first and then apply the leather lotion, or the other way around? Or do you suggest that I buy the Allen Edmonds...
I actually bought this already, but I didn't want to start a new thread and I thought that this was an appropriate thread to post this. The tag is still on it (bought today), and I'm debating whether I should keep it or return it. I bought it from Wilson Leather for $180 http://www.wilsonsleather.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12260903&clickId=484913407&affiliateCustomId=&affiliateId=3656 Photos of me wearing it:
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