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Years ago I read something on this subject to which I adhere till today -A gentlemens fragrance cannot be smelled until the second shirt button is undone.
Quote: Originally Posted by benchan I am surprised that your S40 is so reliable.....I always got the impression the 40 series ain't as good as its bigger brothers. Yep, they do have that reputation. Somehow mine has managed to slip through the raindrops I guess. Then again the garage that services it, has an outstanding service. Cheers
Food for thought... Cheers
Mine. Nice comfy ride to work and gym. After 8 years of loyal services still gives no signs of wanting to quit. Mrs. Routechecker's. Now that she discovered the automatic gearbox concept, I only get to ride as a passenger
Goblin, you can find the explanation on all the BodyStuff in here: Cheers
Ok, time to stop lurking and finally post something : Mondays 1 Hour free weights 1 Hour BodyJam Wednesdays 1 Hour BodyPump 1 Hour BodyStep Fridays 1 Hour Free weights 1 Hour BodyAttack Cheers
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