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nah, the wool is in fact super 100s merino, its just that the place where I bought the suit has a different sizing scheme that doesnt conform with the international standard it take a pic later today when I pick up my pants (getting length altered)
I have no idea. My suit jacket says 100...I'm in Australia if that helps...Im 5'10'' 175lbs and lean
you'll need to explain to me what seems so ludicrous, im a complete suit noob sorry.
suit size? 100
Would you say the lapels of the jacket I posted are considered "wide" or are they somewhere in between wide and narrow?
would you say the jacket I posted has "wide" lapels or "normal" lapels?
What is this in reference to? The colour combo in general or the tie/lapel width combo?
but if i were to wear a skinny black tie with this jacket would it still match/look appropriate? or would it look bad to the extent that I look like a clueless moron with no taste or fashion sense? (even though I am lol)
Don't post here much but here goes... Im buying a new suit and it seems like all the rage these days is narrow lapel etc, but im considering these item but im not sure if the lapels are too wide and might look bad? would I still be able to wear skinny ties with this suit and not look like a clown? pic: not sure how to embed images on this forum sorry
Quote: Originally Posted by brohymn We're not going to shop for you dude. Make up your own mind and stop being a sheep. We will however shop for you - once you accrue a decent amount of posts - in the form of circlejerking. wtf...i just wanted peoples opinions on a pair of jeans. isnt that was this forum is for?
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