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I worry for this user if he's not a troll.
Thanks! Both look good.
Hello, folks. I'm heading to San Fran in a few weeks and would love to find some quality dim sum. Do you have any suggestions? I don't care about price, and I understand that the most expensive dim sum in San Fran tends to be some of the least authentic/least impressive. Thanks.
Wrong freaking forum, sorry.
Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 Sorry if this comes off harsh, but why not use Google? I personally feel watch websites are mainly chosen the way you choose to be in a forum; just a personal feel towards it. I'd go with: For most information...very in depth stuff. Is a great board as well for many brands, you'll find tons of reviews and comparisons on the...
Hello, folks, I'm looking for a web site that provides a good overview of wristwatches. I'd love to find a site that looks in-depth at different brands of watches, movement types, etc., as I'm in the market for a new watch (or three).
Hello, I have two suits for sale. Both suits are Jos. Bank "Signature Gold" sized 38R. Both jackets are single-breasted, and the pants are pleated with cuffs. The charcoal stripe suit is a medium-gray with a nice looking stripe. It has a two-button jacket, center vent. The navy suit color is a traditional navy, with the stripes a lighter blue color. It has a three-button jacket, center vent. These suits are not new, but they are in great shape. Asking $150 for each...
I'm a fairly small guy (5'7", 130 lbs.) WTB 36R suits and dress shirts 15/32. I prefer modern cuts (my Hugo Boss "Sharp" suit jackets fit me perfectly). Price range depends on condition, but I'm not interested in anything over $1k. As for dress shirts, I prefer slimmer cuts. Imagine the opposite of a Joseph Bank shirt, which can hold 4-5 people.
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