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Definately try the fitz, I'm the exact same as you and the 36s fitz fits great. The shoulder is 16 7/8 I believe. The blazer fitz has less shoulder padding than the suit version and fits even better.
A Georgetown hoodie
40 dollar bass weejuns from the outlet when I need the shoes to be somewhat dressy, those things are indestructible, rain or snow. The soles can be somewhat slippery though.
Just got 6 ESF OCBD's for 243 shipped
I've only had mine for a couple of months, and so far they seem fine. Initially they chafed my neck but after a couple of washes that hasn't been a problem.
What happened at the Tyson's corner one? They have been pretty good to me in terms of free alterations and service. That said, the Conn Ave one has been great too. I would think that the Georgetown brooks brothers has slimmer, more younger stuff.
I was wondering the same thing, it was a steal at $252 depending on the quality.
Are the light blue and white shirts still fs?
Any more 14.5x32's?
I don't think anyone would notice, since the rest of the jacket fits pretty well.
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