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Has anybody experienced this issue? I own both the F/W2008 achilles low all black leather and the F/W2013 achilles low black leather with vintage sole. Both are Size 42. The F/W2008 fits me well. However, the F/W2013 shoe is bigger by half an inch. What to do? Insole? Thicker socks? Or should I have bought a size 41 for the F/W2013 achilles? What happened with their lasts?
Mr. Unicorn aka Edmond / Demonito / Demonator/ Uncle Ed, you may call me Stevie. Let's have breakfast soon. Brian, Family Style was my dad's CD which I remember not giving back to him when I was 16. Tino's suits look good.
Secret Armory: Worth a try. However, he will take two to three months to finish your suit. MATAGAL. Tino: Will be worth checking out. Kingsmen (Podium branch) and Hampshire at Shang Edsa hotel: Both are good options for non-canvassed suits. Just remember to be firm with what you want. The tailors there are quite strong with their beliefs in fit and cut. Be prepared for a little debate. In the end, you are the customer. Abdul (Sir): custom shirts and pants....
For Sale: Full Count 1108 size 32 raw. Slim straight fit. Purchased in Tokyo; arc and red tab; hot soaked when received. unhemmed. post hot soak measurements: waist - 16.5 inseam - 34 front rise - 10.75 back rise - 13.75 thigh - 11.5 knee - 8.75 leg - 8.25 practically new. used once. letting go at USD 220 shipped. paypal payment. Reason for selling: waist is too big for me.
In our opinion, The Manila Haberdasher's (TMH) quality of work is nothing stellar for an Al's Attire apprentice, as he claims he is, and not commensurate to what he charges. Arm holes were too big. Shoulders were off. Sleeve lengths were too short. Many times, the fabric that we supplied with our orders were not the ones used when we got our shirts and trousers. We tried raising this concern but TMH insisted that this was what we gave him to begin with. We found it very...
Has anyone tried having a suit or shirt made at Hampshire Place in Shangri-la Edsa Hotel? Satisfied with the fit? construction?
I'm a 42 in Common Projects. What size should I buy for the Alden Burgundy Calf Short Wing?
Quote: Originally Posted by gshen Quoted for truth...Go slow and enjoy the journey! Navy boat shoes are a great idea, but I may be biased here..I would also suggest a pair of brown suede wingtips which are extremely versatile.. works with a suit as well as they would with denim and chinos. With regards to AE being blobby and shapeless, ignorance is pure bliss. I am happy as it is with my AE suede macalisters and really would not want to start lusting...
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