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Anyone ordered pants from ModernTailor? I'm pretty happy with the price/quality ratio of their shirts (only took me two to get the fit just right), and the price is right on their trousers. Should I give 'em a try?
I'm adding myself to the queue as well.
Wow. I pined and pined for one of these, but went for an Our Legacy (about 2/3 as much $) instead. I wish I could justify picking this up from you.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Continuing the trend of new Glasses: Veddy nice. Who's the maker?
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Vanity sizing applies mostly to women. If OP is 5'11" and only 165 lbs, there is NO WAY his true waist is a size 36". It's likely a 32". Measure around where your navel is. That's roughly where your waist would be. OP would get a 36" is measured lower, where presumably he's used to wearing his pants. Maybe so, but if the OP is measuring for an MTM service or something, he should do what the...
You're running into the difference between "actual" and vanity sizing. I wear a 35/32 in most pants, but my waist is actually 38". Took me by surprise, too.
Some of those boots look pretty good — might be good to just waterproof and beat the hell out of during an East Coast winter. Hmm...
I see the site lists $443 as the base price for a suit, but I can't find the base price for just a jacket. Anyone know?
Quote: Originally Posted by adobe10 Works for me! well i just tried this 09122500000001 \t Subtotal \tUSD 29.95 Shipping Cost \tUSD 10.00 Discount \tUSD 0.00 Fabric Swatches \tBuy (+$25.0) Credits: \t-USD 20.00 Grand Total \tUSD 19.95 \t \tI have read and accepted the Conditions of Use View Huh. Well, yours work for me, so thanks! The above ones I tried weren't giving me a "already used" error like the other ones posted...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar Here are 5 more $20.00 codes. 1- 09122500000001 2- 09122500000002 3- 09122500000003 4- 09122500000004 5- 09122500000005 Regards. Wait a sec, these don't work...
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