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Love this label, but it looks like I'm a little late. I'm a 42R. Whacha got?
You work for a web company, and you posted its name on the web? They will find this, and they will make fun of you. Not snark, just a prediction. :P
Cravath'd. (It's fine.)
Works for me, a repeat customer. Are you sure it's not working? Once you put it in, the discount only appears at the bottom of the checkout page.
I don't use search terms anymore; I just go to the directory:
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone I would like to see the sunglasses +1 -- are these new frames, or just the option of tinted lenses in the current ones? I'd be fine with either, I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW + 1 Yeah, I remember when you posted that. It does look great... hmm... what kind of buttons do you have on it?
Hey hive-mind, looking for fabric advice: I emailed Jason today about getting an odd jacket made up. I rambled a lot, but communicated my basic requirements: a jacket that can work as my one and only blue blazer. My office doesn't demand real formality, so I'm not looking for brass buttons or anything, but I'd like to get something I can wear year-round in New York's climate. Nine minutes later (!), Jason emailed me back with his suggestions. I was surprised that his...
From Seiko's tribute to the designer Riki Watanabe. Automatic, about $200.
I'd love to find such a place, too. I've had bad experiences with J. Crew, though — their cashmere blends always pill on me after just a few wearings, and their sweaters share the extra-full fit of their shirts.
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