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I agree, that seemed weird when I was measuring it. I'm never sure how to get this measurement with any precision, so I tried again and got 21.0":For what it's worth, while this is my only J. Press jacket, I also wear a 40R in Brooks Brothers's slimmer lines, and it fits me perfectly.
Price dropped
Up for sale here is a brand new with tags sportcoat from J. Press. I bought it last year and as you can see I've never worn it. It's a vibrant brown with a blue overcheck and a nice weight for fall or winter. It's a classic 3-roll-2, with flap pockets. It's in a size 40R, and it has a little more waist suppression that you would expect from a trad ivy-league jacket. Center-vented. Shoulder to shoulder: 18.0" Armpit to armpit: 20.0" (edit: more like 21.0" — see...
Love love love this place, functional cuffs included. But then their 40R fits me perfectly off the rack.
Excited for the fall fabrics! Any hint when they'll go up online?
Anyone tried to replace the magnets from the Wurkin Stiff sets (or tried to make your own with some other metal stays?) I've lost a few of the magnets, and haven't gotten around to looking for replacements...
Mind if I ask how much you paid? I've got a similar-looking Lanvin suit I mean to auction off one of these days...
Anyone know who makes SuitSupply's shoes? They're labeled as made in Italy, but I'm no real judge of quality.
Free bump, but where'd you buy these? Hickey's been out of production for a year or more (much to my chagrin).
Anyone know who makes shoes for Suitsupply? Just stopped by their new New York location for the first time this week, and was pretty impressed over all. The shoes (including some SF-approved suede double monks) weren't absolutely top-notch, but for $299 they looked nice. They're stamped with a "Made in Italy - Genuine Leather" circular logo on the sole. Anyone know?
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