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[Sorry for the second post -- I ran into my image attachment limit on the first] The shirt: this was my first Mytailor.com MTM shirt (measured by Joe Hemrajani himself), and I'm pretty happy with it. This is after one wash, in the dryer for a few minutes then air-dried. But, I've never had a shirt that fit perfectly, so I'm not sure whether the next one could be even better with some slight changes. I'll definitely be ordering more shirts from Mytailor, so what should I...
I'm curious to know what I could do to improve each: The suit: This was my first "real" suit, in that it didn't come from a thrift store or eBay. When I got it a year ago, I took it to a tailor to have it fitted, but I didn't know what to ask for (I think I asked him to take in the jacket a little at the sides). I thought it fit me pretty well, but then I discovered Style Forum... Now, when I put it on, it feels almost baggy, and way boxier than I'd like. I don't know...
Thanks, all, for the replies. I think I might go for the Steven Aver suit (if he can do one just like the one I posted!), but try a blazer from TaT to see how it works on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Besides, what passes for "well-dressed" in the legal community is truly baffling. Too true! Thanks for the encouragement, I'm thinking strongly about this suit. I think my second choice would be one like this from Steven Aver. Any more thoughts?
I'm right out of law school and about to begin working at a big Manhattan law firm. The place isn't especially conservative (few wear suits often), but I'd like to take the opportunity to fill out my suit wardrobe. I've been looking around SF this afternoon for ideas, but nothing has struck me like Thick as Thieves' cuts. Obviously, the house style pretty fashion-forward. The conservative cut, though, seems like it could work for a younger guy in an office...
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