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NOTE: It's now on eBay at Free shipping in the U.S. still stands for SF members — PM me if you win. Shoulders: 18 1/2" Chest: 21 1/4" Waist: 18 3/4" Sleeve: 25 5/8" Length (BOC): 29 3/4" This is a great unlined, wool/linen jacket bought around July of 2011 from Suit Supply's New York showroom. I love it, but it's not getting the wear it deserves. Half-canvassed, single-vented, kissing/working...
I don't own it, but I tried one on in the store. Great item — it's got a little more substance than you'd expect from a pure cotton jacket.
I know how you guys love your bicolor knits. This is a beautiful one at an unheard-of price. I've never worn it out of the house, so consider it like new. Width: 2 7/8" Length: 58 1/2" 100% silk, handmade.
On the block today is a gorgeous gray flannel suit from forum favorite Suit Supply. If you're starting to build your suit wardrobe (and you're my size), you should seriously take a look at this suit. Chest: 21.0" Waist:18.5 Shoulder: 19.0" Length (bottom of collar): 30.5" Sleeve: 24.75 (1.25" to let out, working cuffs) Waist: 19.0" Inseam: 32.0" I bought this in December of 2011, so it's from last season. I only wore it a twice — I just don't need to wear suits to...
Fatwallet has a higher cash back rate, if you're into that kind of thing.
Point-end, brown and blue, and I'm in.
Good call — I had one from Chipp for sale on this thread earlier, but I removed it when it sold. I'll change the title to avoid confusion.
I have a nice J. Press tie up for sale. This is almost unworn — I put it on once after picking it up earlier this year, but I don't care for the trad-style tie construction that uses very light interlining. It's a great look, though, and versatile. Width: 3.5", length 57".
Another bump, another price drop
Bump and a price drop.
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