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Sorry, sold more than a year ago.
Three great jackets that I no longer wear after losing some weight:1) Cucinelli sport coat — $359Tagged size 50R. This is the iconic Cucinelli look in 100% virgin wool. Light, soft gray jacket with the signature suede elbow patches and gorgeous handwork throughout.Chest: 20"Shoulder: 18"Length (BOC): 30"Sleeve: 25.25"2) Suitsupply sport coat — $199 (SOLD) [[SPOILER]] 3) Emil Lafaurie sport coat — $109No tagged size, but fits like 50R in a modern cut. Gorgeous glen plaid...
Barely worn, bought from End Clothing at the end of last year. It's in great shape, only worn a few times, but it's a little too big on me. Here's the original listing: P2P: 20" Back length: 26" Sleeve: 25.5" Waist: 17"
Up for auction is a Thick as Thieves sportcoat that Jason made up in summer of 2010. It fit me great, but it doesn't get the wear it deserves. It's very soft and unstructured, and is in a rich medium blue birdseye wool tweed with mother of pearl buttons. Dual vents and all the handwork TaT is known for. Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18" P2P: 19.5" Sleeve: 25" Length (BOC): 29.75"
Great jacket, but it never fit me — something made me think I should size up... Anyway, it's like new, probably worn half a dozen times at most, and I bought it in Spring 2011. At any rate, it's a great item in supersoft wool with a gray-brown herringbone pattern. It's single-vented with patch pockets. Shoulder-to-shoulder: 18" P2P: 21" Sleeve: 25" Length (BOC): 29.5"
Sorry, just saw your question. It has a classic center vent.
Probably not more cost effective, as your tailor can buy at wholesale prices. Also, most tailors won't do this for you until you've gotten a suit or two made up already. Providing your own fabric is called "CMT," search the forum for more info.
Looks like about 1 1/8".
I've found that sport jackets tend to be shorter than suit jackets. This is just based on trying things on in the showroom, though, so I don't know that I'm comparing Washington to Washington.
+1, this is my understanding as well. I've never seen a Sevilla cut in the wild, though.
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