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sorry, not anymore
hi all, I have the first two no more. But I cant edit the post, so I attach other thumbnails here: If you are interested, please PM or Email me, or send your email address, and I will send you the whole selection, and prices. Mostly 30 EUR.
Quote: Originally Posted by kailaperez Hi, I am interested in the black, white, teal, and lime green Adidas old school wind breaker (the one in one of the images). I am a bit confussed about the sizing system. But I would want a small size. Thanks, Kaila Perez hi, they are L .Sorry
In a very good state, 2,16 Core 2 Duo 2 Gb RAM 320 GB HDD. OVP, Cabel, Leopard and Tiger Discs. Plug is USA , keyboard is german. Applecare full warranty till 30.10.2010. A signature at the Apple from Steve Wozniak , the Woz himself. Unique piece ! Pics soon ! Please e-mail me. Price 1050 $ . vinyl4mac@gmail.com
always thinking negatively... an embarrassing chinese tattoo would be funny, though.(if not on me)
Please PM me if you can Thanks !
I think its retro, kinda cool, but it can't be worn everywhere, and with everything, and it depends alot on your own style
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Do you care if people at the cocktail party think your job is boring or exciting? How does that figure into your overall desirability factor together with income, security, portability, etc? Would you rather make $100K in advertising or $200K in tax accounting? What do you think makes a job sexy or boring (and I don't mean in day to day necessarily, we all know a job is a job and you deal with 90% of the same...
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