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Mao, these pictures are great and the Liverano looks good on you. Look forward to seeing the finished product.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Awesome, mth. Who makes the coat? Thanks, Moo. The coat is from Hermes. Quote: Originally Posted by clarinetplayer A unique, stylish scarf that really dresses up the duffel coat. Thanks very much. Quote: Originally Posted by maomao1980 Nice boots M, hope to score the same when I go to Italy. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Take it for what it's worth, the only EGs I own are on the 82 last, where I'm a 9/9.5E. On all other shoes I'm anywhere from a 8.5E to 9D UK. So maybe try a half size up from your normal size.
You might look into the Italian brand Chervo. For the most part, they tend to follow classic styling, although some of their clothing is a bit too contemporary for the average American golfer (think stretchy houndstooth check pants). Luciano Barbera also produces a nice line of golf shirts. Incotex also produces golf specific pants with dedicated pockets for tees along the right leg.
If you feel the need to wear black pants, I'd recommend buying them in something other than cotton chinos.
Nice looking bag. Monocle puts out some nice gear, although I have a hard time justifying some of their prices. I was in their LA store a couple months ago and was ready to buy the Aspesi raincoat until I saw the $700 price tag.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt which line do you prefer? Not Dragon, but I have had plenty of Incotex and I'm planning on ordering a few pairs of Rota this week. Both brands are actually quite popular (and available) here in Tokyo, and Barneys is hosting an MTO event for Rota next weekend (although I'm not totally sure what value there is in MTO pants). I've never tried any Rota on, but from what I'm told, the cuts tend to be somewhat...
Based on other threads, it sounds like the 337 last is similar to the John Lobb 7000 last, so you may want to avoid the 7000 if you've had problems with 337. I'm actually interested in picking up some C&J handgrades online in the 337 last which I've never tried. If I wear a 9D in the Lobb 7000's, does anyone here know if I'd have a problem with 9E for a C&J 337 last (to the extent they don't make the shoe in a D width)? Thanks (and sorry for the threadjack)...
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