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Green Label Relaxing tends to carry private label merchandise targeting a lower price point than mainline United Arrows. See attached link. Information on shopping in Japan has been posted in other threads (including by me). A quick search should get you what you need. Marinella has a free standing store in Tokyo Midtown. You can also find them at Solferino in the Marunouchi Brick Square complex.
Here are some pictures of the first pair.    
I've ordered two bespoke pairs from Ugolini. One is a punch-cap oxford in a mid-brown which I've had for about a year and a half. The other, which I've just ordered, will be a u-tip adelaide oxford in an antique cognac. Both are on a somewhat rounder last, although Ugolini uses a number of sharper and squarer lasts as well. The fit on the first pair has been great -- other than removing some leather from the vamp, I don't think we'll make any changes for the fit of the...
St. Crispin's
Roberto Ugolini is a bespoke shoemaker based in Florence. As I understand it, he partnered with Vass a few years ago to create a line of RTW shoes to be sold at Isetan in Tokyo. The last for the RTW shoes (the "U" last) was designed by Ugolini. Vass continues to use the U last in its own RTW/MTO shoes, although apart from the last design, there is no connection to Ugolini.
I've purchased Ugolini bespoke shoes through Isetan in Tokyo -- Roberto Ugolini visits Japan around March and September of each year. The experience has been positive, and I ordered a second pair during his most recent visit last month. Feel free to PM me if you need any more specific information.
Mao, that's a really nice finished product. Look forward to seeing your other projects from Liverano as they're completed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jas0n Awesome coat. Details? I think Mao's red coat is a Valstar, no? Nice color.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuro Hankyu Men's has a big and tall section (although that's not Tokyo and 6'3" may be pushing it). Actually, I think Isetan has a big and tall section as well, although the selection is pretty limited of course.
My two favorite men's boutiques in Tokyo are Strasburgo near the crossing of Omotesando and Aoyama Dori and The Sovereign House on Naka-dori in Marunouchi. However, if you want to get a good sampling of the boutiques within walking distance, I might suggest staying in the Harajuku/Omotesando area. You could start with Strasburgo, then head down Omotesando toward Meiji Dori, turn right and walk along Meiji Dori until you see the various Beams stores (where you can visit...
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