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[quote=radpk;3605042] Quote: Originally Posted by mth Roberto Ugolini in buffalo. How do you polish these shoes and keep the white stitching white? I haven't tried yet, but I suppose you could mask the white stitching with tape before polishing. The stitching on the shoe is a bit darker than the stitching on the welt, so I'm guessing they saw some inadvertent polish during the construction process.
Thanks for sharing your experience and posting these pictures. I've been very happy with my own St. Crispins -- for my money, they make the best RTW shoe out there. Those double monks look particularly nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho Woohoo, some dandy shoes those are. Congrats. How's the fit? Thanks. Bespoke loafers are often a crapshoot but I think the fit on these is surprisingly good.
Roberto Ugolini in buffalo.
Thanks for the nice comments. The shoes I posted above are from Roberto Ugolini in Florence. If you look closely at Cravate Noire's original picture, you can see the shoe is fitted with a size 42 last, which is about right.
Here are some pictures of the shoes which Cravate Noire was kind enough to photograph in process. No complaints on the fit and these are my second pair. Some of the finishing may be a bit "rustic" for some, but I think it gives the shoes a certain amount of character.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Thanks to whoever ordered the pictured pair, they inspired me for something nice. Much more to come soon. These actually belong to me -- just took delivery of them last week. I'll post pictures of the completed product if I have a chance.
As far as shops go, I think this thread is pretty current: If you decide to shop around the Aoyama area, you can stop by Meiji Jingu shrine, the entrance of which is at the top of Omotesando. Other popular tourist stops are Asakusa and the Tsukiji fish market. Taking in a baseball game or (on odd months of the year) a sumo tournament may also be fun, depending on your interests. Sukiyabashi Jiro is eye wateringly...
Although they're hard to find, I'm a big fan of St. Crispin's "classic" last, which is similar to an EG 82.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck Interestingly enough - this suit looks quite alright in the photos but is one that I need some major alterations to. It feels like it was made for a person a few sizes larger than me and feels really uncomfortable too I think the lapels on the jacket are quite nice. As long as you're having alterations done, is it possible to hae the jacket lengthened one or two centimeters? It looks a little on...
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