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For alterations, try SARTO in Shibuya. I've never been but it's been recommended by others.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. But it fits better What don't you like about it? All I can say that it looked incredible in person. Was this from the Rubinacci London event on the 18th?
Quote: Originally Posted by gazman70k Hey I'm an American! I'm an American! USA! USA!
It's that pesky camera angle and relaxed pose that make the difference. The lapels look a bit bigger and with more belly IRL (in robot life).
Liverano DB
When I lived in LA and worked downtown back around 2004, I used to use the guys on the first level of the KPMG tower on Grand. They were very traditional (cream, wax and rags) and did a great job for around $5 including tip IIRC.
Anyway, those shoes are beautiful and thanks for sharing the pictures. I have the same model in a dark espresso calf and they're my favorite (and best fitting) RTW/MTO shoe. What's the name of the leather color you chose?
I recently went with a chalkstripe flannel SB with Cifonfelli. It would be good to compare notes in 6 months time.
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 Really disappointing that MaoMao's pics are no longer available, they were beautiful. I was able to find a photo book here with some really nice pics from maestro Liverano's shop. For all the talk about Savile Row and Naples, I think the Florentine tailors really fly under the radar. Although the sample size is small, I've yet to see anything from Liverano that isn't droolworthy. I especially love the symmetry of...
$6,000 U.S. sounds pretty reasonable since their price in Paris was 4,800 Euro as of last month. In any event I found the Cifonellis to be very pleasant to deal with, much more so than certain popular Italian tailors.
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