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The bar area of Orange is pretty small. Look for felt lapel flowers...
Zanone makes (or made) a nice linen low gauge cardigan with MOP buttons. It's slim fitting although I wouldn't necessarily call it hard wearing since it snags on everything.
The orangeish brown. That's a surprisingly versatile color.
Quote: Originally Posted by ndw Love this. Especially the tie and color of the sc. I believe this is Tajima-san, the MD of L'IDEA group which operate the Strasburgo and Kiton shops in Tokyo. Shame he's not wearing a felt flower.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde anyone off the top of their head name some other suede loafers similar in style ? (semi boxed toe, welted, no tassel, etc) It's a pretty popular style -- I think there are probably a number of manufacturers which make something similar. I've seen another forum member's Enzo Bonafe shoes which are quite close.
I much prefer the SC to the Vass although I do enjoy wearing both. It's hard to tell with the photographs, but the Vass lasts tend to be a fair bit bulkier overall when compared to the St. Crispins. You really notice this in the heel of the Vass shoes. The St. Crispins also have a much more of a "hand made/bespoke" feel when wearing the shoe -- it's admittedly hard to explain, but you notice it as soon as your foot enters the shoe and you take your first steps. The SC...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Better than the F last? I don't believe. We need a side-by-side comparison shot. St. Crispins Classic Last v. Vass F Last St. Crispins Chisel Last v. Vass U Last
For dining, I'd recommend the following: Sostanza -- try the butter chicken and artichoke omlette 13 Gobbi -- the peperoncino pasta is very good Buca Mario -- don't remember what I had last time, but it was all good As for shopping, I think you have most of the highlights. Looks like you've left out a few of the smaller tailors from the list (Seminara, Loris Vestrucci, Cisternino), but I think you know about those already. For RTW, maybe consider a visti to Happy...
Please count me in. I'm definitely up for a better option than buying my modified lasts here in Tokyo.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Hmm, that's right. I dunno. They seem to sometimes assert "rules" that aren't very consistent. They insisted on putting same-color lining in my sleeves rather than the regular striped stuff because they "always" use same-color lining when working with hopsack. Of course, that's patently not true as well. Ah, Italians. The tailor in question has made a spring/summer house fresco coat for me with patch...
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