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Rayban's "Tortoise Shell" isn't as bright as the one DiCaprio is wearingI used to own a pair of tortoise wayfarers, and they are like a dark dark brown, not a bright amber like those
Got another good pic of them
just one bump
The pic says Wayfarer... but it's DEFINITELY not help would be greatly appreciated the wayfarers have a line, but in the movie they are 3 dots that form a triangle
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Goddamnit what happened to ScarJo's boobs?!?!? yeah they like disappeared that night wtf And who is the one in the all pink dress? And Katy Perry is really hot
I just came. The second I reach big-dog status I am getting this watch. It is my perfect dream watch.
Places where bow-ties are more frequent: -SoHo -Southern United States "The South" If you are a lawyer, doctor... running your own practice/firm where you make the rules, or are VERY VERY successful and people know you are a boss, and not a clown. I like to wear them at nice parties... not black tie events obviously, but engagements where people are in sport coats, or suit sans tie... I like to break out a bow tie. They're fun and not stuffy when played in the...
Hey gents. I would really like some Rosetta Stone software for *Mac*, with a language of a few levels. I don't care what language you have... I'd prefer: French, German, Russian, or Spanish I could pay for the software/discs if you would like... or if you feel comfortable mailing it to a complete stranger to burn the discs and mail it back I would like to do that too. I am just so bored this summer I feel I might as well try to intellectually improve myself...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger . Details on the belt? Just moved to SC... and that would just be so clutch to have
How does one go about getting in to this? Like is there a league you can sign up for or is it organized by the gym you fight at? Is this a hobby of yours or a job? I really want to start getting into fighting. Do you train like all day or what? Sorry for all the questions
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