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I would say you are a Small, maybe even XS. Medium would definitely be to big.
I was there yesterday for a few minutes and was almost positive they had a table with the Twill jeans in all the colors. Other than that they had cashmere and merino sweaters, down jackets, a few different shirts but all in check print, no solids. They had the S001 jeans in black, grey, and raw. Also had a wall of heat tech stuff. Was hoping for socks and boxers but they didn't have any.Second thought I think the jeans I thought were the twill jeans were women's.
To bad about the Isaora Geo Pants. Was about to order them to try a Large but figure would be way to small. I am guessing though if I have a 33-34" waist I should go with Medium in the sweats?
They are almost exactly the same. I am needing a pair of all white sneakers as well and don't want to dish out 380 for cp's. At that price for the Svenssons I might go ahead and buy them, pretty good deal even though shipping is $35
Persol can easily be had below retail. There are a few spots online that are much cheaper than retail. Thinking of picking up some 2994s soon.
Here is a link to measurements on the UK site. like you should go with same size as UU t-shirts
Sounds good, grabbed a pair through suddenlee and for $30 not really concerned to much if they don't work. For sure going to try and make flight pants out of them though.
Has anyone bought or tried on the relaxed linen pants? Wondering how thick they actually are. Thinking of buying a black pair and having a tailor crop them and add elastic cuffs so I can have cheap wanna be geller flight pants.
They will stretch just give them a few wears. And finally you get a pair of pants with more of a taper, they look good. Think I am going to order some myself and a few more UU tee's if they are still in my size. Found that if I taper them a bit on the back seam they are more of a slouchy fitted look, pretty much perfect and only $12
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