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Dammit these have been in my dream box for a while, wish I could pick them up but I just bought a pair of boots. Everything in my dream box has been getting sold out on me lately.
Need black boots pretty bad, thoughts on these?
I was going back and forth on those butteros for a while but decided my feet wouldn't be able to squeeze into them. Great pair of boots though.
I need a cheap suit for a upcoming wedding and was thinking Uniqlo but I have gained weight and think I would possibly need to size up to a Large. Anyone comment for someone with 18" shoulders and 41.5" chest? Think the sleeves would be to long on a large and not sure if I could shorten them from the wrists.
^^ Yeah I will probably just spend extra money and get something like some F+B's
Let me know if you decide to order these. Was looking at them myself since I need some side zips on the cheap. Wondering how they fit, if they are big or tts.
It is a size large toasty, had to size up so I could layer under. Probably keep as a beater since it was only $100
Plebe wool coat, might be going back since it doesn't have much shape and the sleeves are to long
Well taking into account the rather terrible stuff you post all the time, your opinion is nullified.
yeah I just ordered from suddenly the other day. All previous experiences have been great. They were able to locate the items and my order was processed but I still haven't recieved a tracking number. Hopefully it just shows up, not stressing I haven't had any bad experiences in the past.
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